Community engagement

Community engagement at the CCS

Monash Central Clinical School (CCS) is committed to improving engagement and participation of members of the community within our health and medical research programs.

Community representatives (often referred to as 'Consumers'), who have a lived experience of a health issue, provide a unique and valuable perspective on health and medical research. We work to develop and establish partnerships between consumers and researchers within our school to foster a person centred approach to our research and evaluation.

Program overview


Why is this important?

  • To raise awareness in community and patient groups about how medical research is performed.
  • Allows active participation of community representatives in identifying key research priorities and experimental questions within the CCS.
  • Provide researchers with a unique perspective on the impacts of specific health conditions on patients, carers and their family members.
  • Provide transparency in research and enable rapid dissemination of research findings to the broader community.
  • Enhance community understanding of the importance of basic research if cures or treatments are to be found and implemented.
  • Enhance public confidence in research and raise awareness of research programs within the CCS.

Disease groups

At the Central Clinical School, our world leading translational researchers study a diverse range of disease and health conditions. Please look through our different research groups, listed under specific diseases, to find out more and identify groups or research areas that best suit your own personal experience and/or interest area.


We are proud to partner with the Alfred Foundation in supporting community engagement at the CCS.