About us


"We offer high-quality programs in a vibrant and supportive learning environment which prepares our students for a rewarding career in healthcare.

I’m proud to be Head of one of the largest schools for the education of nurses and midwives in Australia. We currently offer undergraduate and graduate courses at two Monash campuses, and I’m particularly proud of our ability to deliver off-campus courses through distance learning. I am certain that one of the contributory factors to our vibrancy and currency is our research activity and all of our programs are developed in collaboration with our professional partners to be responsive to the needs of the healthcare industry, as well as engaging for our students.

I would encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our programs, as well as our research and scholarship clusters and the contributions of our outstanding staff.”

Professor Debra Griffiths
Head of Monash Nursing and Midwifery

Nurses should be part of the conversation

It is absolutely important that where decisions are being made about health policy and health reform, nurses must be at that table, because we are the voices to lead.