Clinical Learning Environments

Clinical Facilities

Our Clinical Learning Environments (CLEs) are purpose-built learning spaces designed to replicate real life healthcare settings, so you can learn the practical skills that are so important for high quality patient care.

It is in the CLE that you prepare for future work as nurses and midwives and develop skills needed to provide safe patient care.

Facts and figures

  • 9 CLEs across two campuses

  • beds in Clayton CLE

  • beds in Peninsula CLE

  • Specialised simulation environment


Our CLE's have state of the art equipment used in healthcare settings, that help you apply theory into clinical practice and prepare you for your clinical placements. In our labs you engage with a wide range of medical equipment such as:

  • hospital beds, wall-mounted oxygen and suction outlets
  • vital signs, wound management and manual handling tools
  • medication administration, including tablets, capsules and injections
  • intravenous (IV) infusion and cannula therapy equipment
  • heart rhythm (ECG) monitors and automatic external defibrillators (AED)
  • advanced nursing care equipment, including for tracheostomy and stoma care
  • range of highly responsive human patient simulation manikins including children, adults and pregnant women

In our CLE's, you will undertake skills development and practice and use clinical scenarios that become progressively more complex throughout your course. Scenarios focus on clinical skills integration with communication, teamwork and decision-making.


CLE Tour

Discover how our CLE's look and feel with this 360 degree tour.


Facts and figures

  • BN* student hours in CLE

    *Bachelor of Nursing

  • BN/BM* student hours in CLE

    *Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons)

  • MNP* student hours in CLE

    *Master of Nursing Practice



Clinical skills

Explore the skills you will learn during your time in the CLE's to prepare you for your future work as nurses and midwives.