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Find out how our Monash students and recent graduates are 'leading change' with insights on their study experience, journeys, and careers so far in healthcare.

Monash Nursing and Midwifery graduate, Tristan Baczyk

When you start looking, opportunities appear everywhere - even five minutes down the road!

Some people have to travel across the world to find their calling. For Monash graduate Tristan Baczyk, the answer was only five minutes away.

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Graduating students

Our graduating students share what inspired them to study nursing and midwifery and their experiences of studying at Monash and the opportunities that was open to them. They also discuss what are their future aspirations and plans for their graduate years.


Graduate year experiences

What is it like finishing your degree and starting your career with a graduate year in a health provider? Our graduate students share their experiences and updates of their first year working in healthcare.


Thinking of further study?

It’s a big decision to take on further study, especially if you are already in the workplace! So if you’re thinking about how to progress your career, and how graduate study can build upon your skills, find out more from our students and recent graduates as they share their experiences – both good and bad, and provide you some tips on making it work for you.


Career pathways ...

In this series, we ask our graduates to tell us about their current positions and how they got there, as well as their future plans. Routes in to, and through nursing and midwifery are as diverse as the people within the professions, so you may well be surprised by some of the answers!


Why study nursing and midwifery at Monash?

Our alumni share their insights working in healthcare and what inspired them to a career in nursing and midwifery and their experiences studying at Monash.