Juan Carlos - Medical surgical nursing

Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing

Juan Carlos (JC) was motivated to enrol in the Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing – medical and surgical nursing specialisation to build upon his skills and knowledge. He has found his graduate studies to be very rewarding and helped him to become an effective educator and influencer to his students.

Juan Carlos
Advanced Clinical Nursing student

Why did you decide to further your studies?

“I really wanted to become the best nurse I can, with good knowledge and skills. I found the graduate study with Monash a gateway of knowledge that will help me achieve my goal as a credible nurse to my patients and as an effective educator to my young nurses”.

What is most challenging about undertaking further study?

“Finding the balance whilst undertaking graduate study and working was a little challenging but with effective time management to fulfil the needs of my studies and communication with my superiors, I have found the process very rewarding, Also having a supportive team is a plus.”

What has been your biggest sense of achievement during your graduate studies?

“I had this lightbulb moment during one of our leadership classes. Our lecturer was teaching us the different attributes and levels of leadership and I realised that I already possessed these attributes. A valuable lesson from my graduate studies is that sometimes you learn from other people’s experience and to apply those learnings to your own practice.”

Have your grad studies changed your practice?

“This course has been really beneficial to me and has helped me to become and effective educator and influencer to my students. I am more confident with my skills and fell that I am now more connected with my patients and students. I can provide a good learning opportunity for my students and am proactive with my patients plan of care and in turn, feel I have become more supportive of my patients in terms of being a patient advocate”.

What about your future?

“I see myself inspiring and coaching young individuals with an aim to mould the minds of younger generation to become more proactive in their learning and to have a mind like a 'glowing coal.”

…And any hints or tips for other nursing students?

“It’s a general one, but MY philosophy in life is if you do good to other people, the same thing will come back to you. I believe that we need to be kind to ourselves and with other people around us. All of us have our own problems and we deal with them differently. If we just simply listen and be kind to one another, we can make our life simpler and easier to deal with. And if you treat and do good things to other people, the same way it will be reflected - this is something I always teach with my students.”

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