Emergency - adrenaline and emotions

Published: May 2021

This update is written by Jahred who graduated the Bachelor of Nursing  in 2019.

 Hello all! My name is Jahred. I am a Graduate Registered Nurse at Peninsula health completing my final rotation in the Frankston Emergency Department.

I’d love to take the time to share a little about myself, what led me to Nursing, and what I aspire to achieve in the near future in my career.

I guess it all started when I was in VCE. Year 11 to be exact. I was studying and planning on becoming some sort of engineer, but my heart just wasn’t set on it. What I did know, was that I love helping people. I love the communication, and sometimes just simply putting a smile on other peoples face. I also love human anatomy. Funnily enough, since a young chap, I’d always told myself I’d never get into a career that involved anything medical, or anything that involved blood. That all changed one night as I flicked through the TV and stumbled across a movie about a nurse. I still haven’t discovered what the movie was, but I’m forever in debt to it for planting that seed in my mind. I slept on it, and woke up the next morning knowing that Nursing was the career for me. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

Six years later, I find myself here, on the night before my graduation ceremony (a year and a half thanks to COVID), and under two weeks out from finishing my grad year, reflecting on the events of the past eleven months. To say my Grad year has been a challenge, would be an understatement, but the learning and growth opportunity has been something I couldn’t have even scripted.

I finished University in November of 2019, with a Graduate Nurse position at Peninsula Health lined up for 2020. I began my Grad Program officially in June of 2020, you guessed it, in a COVID screening ward, which shortly after transferred to a COVID positive ward following the major Victorian outbreak. The challenges of mental fatigue, unknowns and a developing pandemic was something I was not ready for. Nevertheless, I had taken lockdown opportunity to study my old University notes and lecture slides (yes, nerdy, I know), and relax when I wasn’t at work. Working in a COVID ward was something else, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share love and happiness in an ever-changing, sometimes gloomy and apprehensive environment.

Following on, I went on to complete my four month surgical stint in a short stay unit which I loved, and then find myself here in Emergency, my elected specialty.

Emergency for me, is something else. It’s the patient care mixed with adrenaline and emotions, all in a fast paced and super busy environment. The thing I love the most about Emergency, is that I get to look after patients of all ages, all different cultures, and all different health conditions. It makes every day different, and a new exciting challenge.

Fortunately, I’ll be staying on in Frankston Emergency Department after my grad year, and plan on furthering my studies in the near future. I hope to one day become a Critical Nurse Specialist, to be able to care for patients of all acuity.