Amy Cullen

Bachelor of Nursingstudent

What I love most about studying nursing at Monash, is that you get to begin clinical placements at the beginning of your course. I’ve really enjoyed how hands-on the course is, through the use of our clinical learning environments. Each week we spend two hours in the clinical labs, putting the theory learnt that week into practice. This allows us to become confident in our skills before we go out on our placements and perform them on real people.

I was lucky enough to become part of the ‘near peer’ teaching program, where third year students help out in the first year’s labs. We work alongside the teachers to provide more 1-on-1 support and assistance to the first years. It’s a great opportunity for us third years’, as this equips us with teaching skills and gives us confidence in our nursing abilities.

"I’ve really enjoyed how hands-on the course is, through the use 
of our clinical learning environments."

Last year I was elected president of the Monash Nursing and Midwifery club, where I helped organize events for nursing students, like graduate year information nights, pub crawls and the end of year ball. This was an incredible experience where I developed valuable skills in teamwork and leadership.

One thing that Monash has taught me about nursing, is that it’s the little things you do for your patient that matters most. Like asking if they would like an extra blanket, a heat pack or always upholding their dignity no matter what. It’s something that can easily be forgotten in this busy profession, but was really instilled in us from first year and is one of the most valuable lessons I’ll bring with me throughout my nursing career.