Leo Gregor

Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing - Emergency

Leo Gregor is an emergency nurse based in the Northern Territory who chose to study remotely.

‘For me personally, living in the NT, remote study has meant that I have had the ability to study the Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing and to access quality education without having to incur very expensive travel costs or heavily disrupt my working life. I am a firm believer that further education should not just be a privilege for city dwellers and that people living in rural and remote Australia should also be able to access well trained health care practitioners. The remote approach to study is helped me to support this very personal goal.

The course is very well designed and the use of technology such as on-line collaboration tools and discussion boards meant that I still felt like a part of a group whilst my lecturers were always easy to access. As a result, interactions are more personal, and the impact of not having fellow students to meet face to face with to discuss assignments and the material covered in lectures is limited.

"there was no question about where I would undertake
my graduate studies"

Studying through Monash was very much about undertaking graduate study with an educational institution that has a proven track record for success and a well-regarded reputation. Although I undertook my undergraduate studies at another institution, I was always very impressed by the quality of nurses I met who had been trained at Monash University. This, combined with a course that appeared to have the flexibility, breadth and depth of study I felt would make me a better practitioner and ultimately benefit my patients meant that there was no question about where I would undertake my graduate studies.’