Two months in ...

Published: April 2021

This update is written by Hannah who graduated the Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons) in 2020.

"Hello everyone!! My name is Hannah and I am now two months into my graduate program as a Registered nurse and midwife at Monash Health.

To say that the first two months have been intense would be an understatement, but it has also been so incredibly rewarding.

My current rotation is in Birth Suite and the Covid-babies are very real!! We are working through a boom which has meant we have really hit the ground running!!

The toughest part of the last two months has been finding a work-life balance and making sure that I am looking after myself. I'm very lucky that this is something that I've been practicing over the last four years of the degree and have just been having to finesse.

The physical fatigue of running around, looking after your woman or patient has been something I experienced as a student but the mental exhaustion of being the sole carer with no one right there with you to back you up was new. I have found the friendships I have made during uni and the first few weeks of my grad year with my peers, have been some of the greatest supports as they all know exactly what you're experiencing.

It has been a particularly surreal experience now seeing the Monash students on my ward, knowing exactly how it felt to be where they are twelve months ago.

Overall, I am so excited to continue to grow in confidence in my skills and knowledge as my grad year continues and to continue to be supported by the educators and senior staff that have already taught me so much!"