Primary and allied health care education

Our commitment to education excellence and innovation

The School of Primary and Allied Health Care is a leader in educational excellence and innovation. We offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, paramedicine, social work, podiatry, radiography, radiation therapy, radiation sciences and medical ultrasound. Our Collaborative Care Curriculum provides students with diverse inter-professional experiences.

Extensive clinical experience

Our educators have extensive clinical experience, with many combining academic and clinical roles and providing real-world insight and expertise.  Our focus on health professional education research has local and global impacts, placing the School at the cutting edge of innovative and future-focused education design and delivery.

Work-ready graduates

Using best practice in education, we encourage and challenge students to develop skills, knowledge and critical thinking in a collaborative, nurturing and supportive environment. Our graduates enter the workforce prepared to work in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment that improves health outcomes and places patients at the heart of healthcare.


Collaborative Care Curriculum

Healthcare is delivered by teams. It takes a range of different health professions working together to provide the best outcomes for patients. From pre-hospital, to emergency, to rehabilitation, there's specialised health professionals who each play an important role in a patient's recovery journey.

We're training the next generation of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals. We provide opportunities for learning collaborative care, to ensure our students understand the different healthcare roles and responsibilities and are prepared for collaborating in the workplace.

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