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Our global reputation for education and research excellence ranks us in the world’s top-50 universities*. 

*2022-23 US News and World Report Best Global Universities Rankings (37th) and the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings (44th).

Monash University is the only Australian member of the prestigious M8 Alliance of academic health centres and medical universities.

The School of Primary and Allied Health Care offers high quality courses in collaboration with clinical and industry partners, aiming to address the health care needs of the community. Our courses are delivered in a vibrant and supportive learning environment, and will prepare you for a rewarding career in Health Care, where you positively affect the lives of patients.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

The School's research focuses on diverse issues relevant to primary health care and general practice, reflecting the variety of expertise amongst the academic team of social scientists, health educators and medical and allied health practitioners.

Postgraduate Coursework Degrees

M6001 Master of Advanced Health Care Practice (MAHCP)

The MAHCP is an umbrella Master program that is designed to advance the practice skills of a range of health professionals. The MAHCP is an exciting, fully online program that is tailored to each discipline.

Qualified health professionals who enrol in the MAHCP, may be physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiographers, paramedics or other allied health practitioners who are taking the next step advancing their careers. All of the specialisations represent existing disciplines and departments within the School of Primary and Allied Health Care. Hence, teaching staff are academics and researchers who are at the top of their field and keen to work with peers who aim to advance practice in their clinical area. The MAHCP streams represent just a few of the essential health professions that are important professions that keep people healthy. This program supports the advancement of clinical practice and research knowledge and skills among qualified health professionals to further educate and upskill the healthcare workforce of the present and future. Academics teaching into the MAHCP programs, and the students enrolled in the program, are health professionals who work directly to improve health-related quality of life.

The MAHCP welcomes international students who are also aiming to improve clinical practice and services to different populations.  This exciting Master program is responsive to the clinical interests of students, and the health sector or organisations where they work. Each of the specialty Master programs involves development of a coursework pathway, or a combination of coursework and a research project, to enable students to achieve your professional ambitions to meet their career goals.

Professional and Continuing Education Short Courses

Expand your knowledge and skills without having to commit to a formal qualification. Some practitioners may not have the time to commit to a long-term period of study, or may want to have a more informal re-introduction to study.

Within the School we offer a range of non-award, short courses for practitioners. These are designed as professional development opportunities for practitioners to develop knowledge and skills in specific areas of practice and are an alternative to the ‘traditional’ university award-based course. The short courses are either assessed or non-assessed and have been approved by the FMNHS Professional and Continuing Education Committee. Courses which are assessed and have been approved by the university as ‘Credentials’ can be attributed as credit towards specific post graduate awards (as per the Monash University Assessment Policy).

For a complete list of short courses offered by Monash University, please click here.