Supporting Children and Families

Capacity Statement

The care and support of Australia’s children and their families is paramount. Across SPAHC, we are actively involved in conducting research to support and promote the health, welfare and wellbeing of children and families. This research relates to the provision of allied health services for children with physical, intellectual, learning, developmental and/or psychosocial disabilities, paediatric physiotherapy services, and school-based occupational therapy services for children. It has also informed the development of interventions to promote mothers’ health, wellbeing and activity participation (peri-natally & within families with children with disabilities, child and family centred assessment practices, and standardised assessments for paediatric practice. We also have strong research foci on the wellbeing and support of family carers and social work practice and policy in child welfare and family services, including risk assessment in child welfare and domestic violence services; understanding family violence, the predictors and effects of sibling separation in foster care, kinship foster care, and young people transitioning from out-of-home; parenting following separation/divorce; and casework with young people ‘at risk' and in contact with the juvenile justice system, care planning needs and experiences of children whose primary carer is incarcerated.

SPAHC Staff Key Researchers

Ted Brown, Helen Bourke-Taylor, Mong-lin Yu, Prue Morgan, Lisa Knightbridge, Aron Shlonsky, Catherine Flynn, Rosemary Sheehan