Education of the Health Workforce

Capacity Statement

We deliver high quality education in order to develop a workforce that is capable of addressing the health needs of the Australia’s population into the future. We use evidence-informed teaching and learning practices, and are involved in leading empirical studies to better inforrm health professional education. Our research is broad ranging, and typically involves interdisciplinary collaborations within the school and links with the Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education (MCSHE) and Monash Education Academy. Examples include:

  • investigations into the use of specific teaching and learning methods and e-technologies within curricula;
  • different models of fieldwork/practice education;
  • health professional student engagement, involvement and interactions with different with groups and communities (e.g. older adults, members of culturally and linguistically diverse communities, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) as part of their learning.

Our research also addresses the development of graduate attributes, clinical reasoning, communication skills, empathy, critical thinking, reflective thinking in health professional students; assessment approaches, such as the Prescribing Skills Assessment (PSA) for medical students, and interprofessional education and practices.

Key Researchers

Uschi Bay, Steve Maloney, Kelly Bowles, Brett Williams, Ted Brown, Linda Ross, Mong-lin Yu , Libby Callaway