About podiatry

We aim to train podiatrists who are patient focused and critical thinkers. Our students will be equipped with research experience to be lifelong learners, enabling mentoring of future generations of podiatrists. We are progressive in our teaching approach and engagement with industry leaders to ensure a progressive and supportive learning journey.

We offer the 3 year Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (Masters- Extended) program. This course is designed to satisfy the requirements for your future podiatry registration to be endorsed for use of scheduled medicines.

Our interdisciplinary collaborations within the School of Primary and Allied Health Care provides opportunities to network with a diverse range of healthcare professionals. Our course is designed around case-based learning and practical skills applications. We combine lectures, tutorials, simulation and self-directed curriculum to develop your skills as a podiatrist of the future.

Staff who teach into this program are industry academics and leaders with extensive Australian and international experience across all sectors podiatrists work and research in.


Podiatry courses

The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine course will be accredited as a Pathway A course by the Podiatry Accreditation committee on behalf of the Podiatry Board of Australia, by the time the final student cohort is due to graduate in 2025.

Postgraduate degrees

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Podiatrists are health professional leaders in foot, ankle and lower limb health. Podiatrists work closely with other healthcare professionals and can independently provide care supported by Medicare, through the National Disability and Insurance Scheme, or private health insurance.  Podiatrists work in a range of health care settings such as community-based health clinics, acute and sub-acute hospitals, sports medicine clinics, paediatric clinics, aged care facilities and private clinics nationally and internationally.

The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine is a three-year professional entry degree that builds on your undergraduate degree in foundational sciences. You will be trained to deliver the full scope of podiatry practice which is built on patient-centered care. You will be trained in goal setting, assessment, diagnosis and management of lower limb pathology to enhance your partnership with patients. Our course will also equip you with the skills and knowledge to have your podiatry registration endorsed for scheduled medicines. This will enable you to work as an independent non-medical prescriber, and you are qualified to administer, obtain, possess, prescribe, sell, supply and use Schedule 2,3,4 and 8 medicines for the treatment of podiatric medicines when you are registered. You will also be equipped with foundational business administration knowledge to start your practice within a variety of healthcare settings.

How to apply

Research degrees

Masters of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


Podiatry research

Our team have diverse research interests and actively engage in podiatry and lower limb research across the world. We seek to create solutions to problems that matter to patients, their families, and podiatrists.

Our podiatry research at Monash University

We are passionate about changing the lives of people with foot health concerns through research. We also are leaders in podiatry workforce research. We extensively collaborate with other podiatry researchers and universities nationally and internationally to investigate the relevance of clinical interventions in lower limb pathology across the life span.

If you are looking to collaborate with us, or if you are thinking of enrolling in the MPhil or PhD programs and are looking for a research supervisor, our researchers have expertise in:

  • Paediatric gait disorders
  • Lower limb biomechanics
  • Disease processes that place the foot and lower limb at risk
  • Podiatry health workforce
  • Podiatry clinical education

Click here to learn more about the research units in the school and ways to connect with our team.

Research degrees for podiatrists

Click MPhil and PhD to find out more about research opportunities with us. Alternatively, you can contact us at researchwithPOD@monash.edu for more information about our graduate research programs


Our staff

Course Coordinator

Academic Staff


  • Associate Professor Verity Pacey
  • Dr Stewart Morrison
  • Ian Griffiths



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