Education committee

Director of Education, Associate Professor Caroline Wright

As the Director of Education for the School of Primary and Allied Health Care, Caroline works with Heads of Departments, Course and Unit Coordinators who are responsible for the delivery of courses in Paramedicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Radiography, Radiation Therapy and Medical Ultrasound.

Caroline is Chair of the School Education Committee who work together to ensure consistency and quality in the delivery of our courses. Caroline also works with Directors of Education from the other Schools in the FMNHS, the Associate Dean Teaching and Learning and the Deputy Dean Education to support academic governance and implementation of Monash education policy and procedures across the courses.


The goals of the Education Committee are to:

  • Advise and support the School of Primary and Allied Health Care on educational initiatives of importance to the School.
  • Provide consultation, and facilitation on educational initiatives and processes in keeping with SPAHC strategic plan.
  • Provide review and consultation of school based changes submitted to the Faculty Education Committee (FEC).
  • Engage with the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee on matters of educational relevance to our School.
  • Foster a culture of collaborative education research and scholarship in SPAHC.
  • Support SPAHC staff in enhancing their educational achievements.


The Education Committee is a sub-committee of the School of Primary and Allied Health Care Executive Committee.

Committee members