Women’s Health

Capacity Statement

Our research aims to achieve global gender equity in ways that empower women and girls to lead healthy, interdependent and safe lives. We are able to contribute to both contemporary and emerging areas of research in women’s health conceptualised broadly in several core areas:

  1. Preventing violence against women, intimate partner violence and family violence,
  2. Sexual and reproductive health services, including ultrasound and cancer imaging
  3. Mothers’ health, wellbeing and activity participation,
  4. Women-only mental health services

We recognise that women’s health and well-being issues are multidimensional, intersectoral and complex.

Women from all walks of life are included, specifically from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, from CALD and refugee communities, women with disabilities and transwomen.

Our researchers work collaboratively to produce high quality evidence-based health and wellbeing services and outcomes.

Theme Leaders

Danielle Mazza, Cathy Watson, Maria De Leon-Santiago, Deborah Western, Uschi Bay , Helena Frawley, Kuan- Yin Lin, Jodie Dakic, Kelly Bowles, Simon Sawyer , Helen Bourke-Taylor, Michal Schneider, Matt Dimmock