The Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub

The Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub has been established in 2018 with funding from the prestigious Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), Korean Studies Promotion Service (KSPS) Core University Grant. The Research Hub is part of the 2017-2022 project: ‘Creating a Nexus at Monash for a Stronger Korean Studies in Melbourne and the Metropolitan Region’ which aims to increase the capacity and profile of Korean Studies at Monash and in the wider Melbourne region.

The Korean Studies Research Hub focuses on promoting Korea related academic and cultural events at Monash University and with partner universities. We also support vital research on important Korea related topics at Monash University.


Introduction to Monash University Korean Studies

Korean Studies at Monash

As Korea continues to become a strong partner for Australia and in the Asia Pacific region, Monash University is committed to developing an innovative and dynamic Korean Studies Program that promotes greater awareness and understanding of Korea, including its culture, language, history, politics and economy. In addition to training students in the Korean language, Monash University wants to develop the next generation of Korea experts. From 2018 we are covering topics such as pop culture and literature, and we intend to continue providing an extensive range of choices for students to pursue their interests … so watch this space!

In addition to building academic capacity, we are taking a more holistic approach. We offer students a vibrant and supportive environment that enhances their career and provides competitive opportunities. We do so by:

  • Offering more scholarships, fellowships, exchange programs and student support at undergraduate and post graduate level in the field of Korean Studies to encourage more students to pursue post graduate studies
  • Strengthening original research and intellectual collaboration with Korean and Australian Universities as well as other Universities around the world through joint research projects, conferences, seminars and workshops  where emerging and existing Korean Studies scholars can showcase their research and network with others
  • Establishing a Korean Studies Research Hub to promote quality publications and research outputs
  • Establishing internships for program students with organizations and companies that have a strong Korean link
  • Holding Monash Public Seminar Series all year round where we invite speakers including researchers, writers, artists and other experts from around the world from diverse fields related to Korea to give a talk to students, academics and interested members of the public to encourage and facilitate dialogue and knowledge exchange

The Monash University Library has developed a comprehensive guide for users of all aspects of Korean studies to help navigate its extensive collection housed on the Clayton Campus. Find the Korea Studies Guide here.