Meet our researchers

Dr Andy Jackson

Andrew David Jackson is an Associate Professor in the Korean Studies programme at Monash University. He is also director of the Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub (MUKSRH).

His key research areas include the history of rebellion in Korea, premodern and modern Korean history, North and South Korean film and popular culture, invented traditions in Korea.

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Dr Lucien Brown

Lucien Brown the convenor of the Korean studies programme at Monash University. He is an applied linguist who carries out research on the Korean language in two interrelated fields: politeness research and socio-cultural language learning/teaching. In politeness research, his current projects explore the importance of multimodalities in the communication of politeness in Korean. In socio-cultural language learning/teaching, he investigates the influence of identity on the way that second language learners of Korean acquire politeness forms and other social categories.

Lucien also has a keen interest in Korean language pedagogy, particularly in developing techniques for teaching the social functions of language.

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Dr Hyein Cho

Dr Hyein Cho is a lecturer in Korean Studies and Hyein completed her PhD at Monash University in 2022 with a dissertation titled 'An intersectional approach to the lived experience of DFV in South Korean Australian diasporic communities'. Her current research interests include the Korean diaspora, violence against women, family and migration. She is currently completing her postdoctoral fellowship at Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre in the School of Social Sciences, where she leads several research projects on gender and family violence. In addition to Korean studies, Hyein is particularly interested in creating and disseminating knowledge for and with the public and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia.

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Dr Daniel Pieper

Daniel Pieper is the Korea Foundation lecturer in Korean Studies at Monash University. He specializes in modern Korean language and literary history. His current research focuses on the emergence of vernacular Korean as a discrete subject in the modern school, the textual differentiation process of cosmopolitan Hanmun and vernacular Korean, and the role of language ideology in directing language standardization in pre-colonial and colonial-era Korea. His most recent book is titled Redemption and Regret: Modernizing Korea in the Writings of James Scarth Gale (2021) and examines themes of vernacularization, linguistic modernity, and literary translation in the missionary’s unpublished writings.

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Dr Jessica Huynh

Jessica Huynh is a research fellow at the Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub (MUKSRH). She completed her master degree at Yeungnam University and Ph.D degree at Sejong University in Korea. Before that, she was a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Languages and Technology (HUFLIT) in Vietnam. She has teaching experiences at Seoul National University in Korea, University of Melbourne and Monash University. She translated two books and published in Vietnam under the funding of Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea).

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