Talks by Monash Korean Studies Research Hub researchers

"Comparing North American and Australian Academia"

Dr Daniel Pieper

September 6, 2023

Daniel Pieper has been a Korea Foundation Lecturer in Korean Studies at Monash University since 2022. He has taught English in South Korea (2003-2009), as well as Korean language, sociolinguistics, history, film, literature, contemporary culture, North-South relations, and translation at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

In this talk, Daniel Pieper highlights some of the differences between university life in North America (US and Canada) and Australia, including cost, structure, graduate school, and student culture. He also examines Asian Studies and Korean Studies PhD programmes in North America, as well as the current state of Korean Studies, the academic job market, and the life of an academic.

A series of talks introducing chapters in "Invented Traditions in North and South Korea" (University of Hawai'i Press)

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