Internships and Careers Week

2021 Inaugural Monash Korean Studies Jobs Week

Hosted by Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub

Talk 1: Monash Korean Studies Student Internships (Korean Society of Victoria)

May 12 2021, 10-11 AM

In this session via ZOOM, the Korean Society of Victoria talked about their experiences with two Monash Korean Studies interns they took on in 2020 via Monash WIL. The presentation was followed by a talk from the two students (Anna and Yasmin), outlining how they found out about the opportunities, why they signed up, and their experience during the lockdowns of 2020. Finally, the session was concluded with a talk by Rebecca Summers, Monash WIL, outlining the function of student internships opportunities at Monash, followed by a Q&A.

  • Karen Kim (Korean Society of Victoria)
  • Yasmin Gurleyen (intern at Korean Society of Victoria 2020)
  • Anna Giang (intern at Korean Society of Victoria 2020)
  • Rebecca Summers (Monash University WIL)

Talk 2: Korean Internship/Work Experience Talk 

May 13 2021,  5:30-6:30 PM

In this session via ZOOM, two Monash University Korean Studies students and graduates talked about their experience working and using their Korean language and cultural knowledge.

  • Niha Sathasivan: Working at South Korean government agencies in Australia
  • Shona Smith: Working as a Korean to English translator in Korea and Australia
  • Eva Richards: Living, working and studying in South Chungcheong Province and in Seoul
  • Jeongin Hur: Korean studies internship opportunities available at Monash university

Talk 2: Living in South Korea and Working in a Korean Environment