Korean Collection at Monash University Library

Monash University currently has the largest Korean academic collection in Australasia. Monash University Library subscribes to twelve South Korean databases, allowing all Monash staff and students online access to a large range of academic journals and other resources. Through an agreement with the National Library of Korea, our Library also has access all of their digitised material. For a full list of all the databases accessible, please visit the databases page of the Monash University Library’s Korean Studies Library guide

Some online services are available for non-Monash users, such as references searches, via the Monash University Library’s Korean Studies Library guide.

For further access to these resources, non-Monash users are welcome to visit the Monash University Library (any campus) to access all Korean databases’ full-text articles via the visitor PCs.

Jung-Sim Kim, subject librarian for Korean Studies, Monash University Library

Jung-Sim Kim is the subject librarian for Korean Studies at Monash University Library. She is also a member of the Research and Learning team at Sir Louis Matheson Library (Clayton Campus), and a part of the Library's Arts Faculty team. She also works with the other subject librarians and learning skills advisers in developing and delivering targeted information research skills programs, contributing to collection development, and improving the online learning resources available. Externally to Monash, Jung-Sim is a committee member of the Asian Library Resources of Australia (ALRA), and a lifetime member of the Korean Library Association.

Commencing in 2017, Jung-Sim is currently working as part of the Monash University Korean Studies Project ‘Creating a Nexus at Monash for a Stronger Korean Studies in Melbourne and the Metropolitan Region’ sponsored by the AKS. This involves updating the Korean texts and the English translations of Korean literature available at the Monash University Library. Her current research project focuses on Korean studies scholars’ interests and access to Korea-related academic resources in Australia. In addition to this, Jung-Sim provides supervision to student interns participating in the Korean Studies Library Internship Program, which began in 2018.

Check out the Guide to Korean literature in Korean and English translation at Monash University Library by Kim Jung-sim here.

To learn more about the Korean collections at Monash University, please contact Jung-Sim click here