Our academic staff are taking on a number of exciting projects on diverse Korea related topics.

A vital part of our mission at Korean Studies is to improve the quality and increase the quantity of our research and foster greater collaboration with other researchers in the Melbourne metropolitan area. The Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub (MUKSRH) is an umbrella organisation that helps to coordinate Korean Studies research and educational activities in the Melbourne and metropolitan area. The Research Hub holds regular seminars, workshops, and conferences to showcase the work of scholars researching Korea-related topics. It publishes freely available and downloadable content through its working paper series. Currently an edited collection of articles collected from seminars, workshops and conferences carried out under the auspices of the Korean Studies Research Hub is under contract with Palgrave. July 2021 saw the publication of the first book funded by the Academy of Korean Studies University Core grant at Monash: Interviews with North Korean Defectors: from Kim Shin-jo to Thae Yong-ho (Lim & Zulawnik, Routledge), which is the fruits of a collaborative research project conducted as part of ATS3321 Korean Research Project. June 2022 saw the publications of two insightful studies on The Two Koreas and their Global Engagements (Jackson, Palgrave Macmillan) and Translating Controversial Texts in East Asian Contexts (Zulawnik, Routledge).

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Research Specialisation

Our research strengths include: Korean modern history/premodern history, Korean Popular Culture, North and South Korean film History of rebellion in Asia, Languages and dialects in North and South Korea and Cultural aspects of Korean language (honorifics, address terms, etc.)

Korean Language and Linguistics

Multimodal Politeness in Korean and Beyond
MUKSRH Language Lab

Korean Language

Korean History

The Korean Oral Historiography Project
The Invented Traditions in North and South Korea Project
The Two Koreas and their Global Engagements
On This Day in Korean History

Korean History

Korean Cinema

The Korean Screen Culture Conference (KSCC)
100 Korean Fims to See Before You Die

Korean Cinema

Other Projects

Funeral Rites in Contemporary Korea: The Business of Death
The Story of The Song