The Fifth Annual Korean Speech Contest 2022

5th Korean Speech Contest 2022

Monash University Korean Studies presents

The Fifth Annual Korean Speech Contest 2022


DATE: October 7, 2022, 5:30-9pm *

Place:  Monash University Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Room: H116 *


1st prize: AUD$5,000.00 *

3 x Runners up prizes of AUD$1,000.00 each *

Entry Process:

To be eligible to compete in the final on 7 October 2022, you will need to pass the qualification round. Send in a video of yourself giving a 3-minute talk in Korean on:

‘Life, Korea and Korean in the post-COVID world….’

Upload the video according to the instructions below. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure the video functions so the judges of the preliminary round can view the video.

Submit your qualification round video as follows:

1.      All applicants should upload their videos to the following Dropbox DRIVE location:

All video entries should be titled: Surname initial date month year for example:




2.      In your video, state your name clearly at the start

3.      Videos longer than 3 minutes will not be considered. No special presentation requirements (for example: PowerPoints etc) are necessary. Videos do not need to be professionally edited. Videos only need to show the entrant speaking. Please be aware that your video will only be viewed by the qualification round judges consisting of Monash University Korean Studies teaching staff members.

4.      After uploading the video, you should submit your application form as below.

5.      Deadline for Qualification Round Videos and application forms:

26 September 2022, 11:55pm


How to submit your application form:

Send a completed application form to Sandy Nguyen:

All entries will receive a reply within 2 days of receipt. If you do not receive a reply, you should send a follow up email, however, you are advised to submit your entries prior to the deadline, because late entries will not be considered.


In your application form (see below) you will be asked to include:

1) Your full name, your year of study (1st, 2nd etc.), your major area of study, and the name of your educational establishment in Melbourne metropolitan area

2.) A few words about your interests especially Korea-related interests (10-15 words in English)

3.) A list of all Korean study you have undertaken with precise dates. You should include courses at educational institutions and structured self-study, private one-to-one tuition and language exchanges.

4.) Your contact details (address, phone number and email address)

5.) A scanned copy of student ID from an educational institution in Metropolitan Melbourne

6.) A signed consent form for still and moving images

7.) A signed consent form for entrants under 18 years old (see below)

For any further questions, please contact Sandy Nguyen:

Entry Requirements:

  1. Open to all second language learners of Korean who are 16 years of age or over, and currently registered part-time or full-time in education at institutions in metropolitan Melbourne and in possession of a valid ID as proof of their current enrolment.

All entrants who are under the age of 18 must provide the written and signed consent of a parent or guardian to ensure that they have permission to compete in this competition. The consent form should be scanned and sent by email to Sandy Nguyen: along with your application information before the qualification round deadline  of 26 September 2022, 11:55pm

  1. The entrant who appears in the video must be the same person who has filled in the application form and who has included a scanned copy of their ID. The entrant must be available to appear (if necessary) in the final event.
  2. The talk should be a monologue in Korean by one person on the topic listed above.

Selection of Finalists and winners:

All competitors will be split into three groups for the qualification round and final competition by the Speech Contest organisers based on the information in the completed application forms:

Group 1 - less than one year since you began learning Korean in an educational setting or through structured self-study

Group 2 – less than two years since you began learning Korean in an educational setting or through structured self-study

Group 3 – more than two years since you began learning Korean in an educational setting or through structured self-study

Judges will select a maximum of eighteen participants for the final on October 7, 2022 (around six in each category). The selection for the finalists will be judged by a panel of three Monash University Korean studies staff members, and this will take place on 27 September at 3pm at Monash University, Clayton and the announcement of the successful qualifying candidates will be made by 30 September 2022.

The judges for the final will be announced at the final on October 7, 2022.

At the final, qualifying candidates will be asked to give a short speech in Korean to a live audience. Further announcements will be made about the precise topic and length of speech to the qualifying candidates on 30 September 2022.

In the final on October 7, 2022, one overall winner will be selected. Three other candidates will be awarded runners-up prizes; at least one prize will be awarded to each group.

Awards will be made based on:

-Korean language ability (in relation to experience learning Korean)

-originality of content and creativity

Announcement of winners:

The overall winner and runners up will be announced at the conclusion of the final competition on October 7, 2022.

The name, photograph and videos of the winners may be published on the Monash University Korean Studies website and in other University publications according to the conditions of the competition terms 12b.

The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Chance plays no part in determining the winners. All entries will be judged individually on their merits based on Korean language ability (in relation to experience learning Korean) and originality of content and creativity.


Please read all the attached competition terms CAREFULLY.

Access the Application and Consent Form here