Why choose us?

The scope and scale of our research

Research that finds solutions to complex global biomedical challenges requires scale. We bring together more than 700 of Australia’s most creative and innovative minds, with expertise spanning a range of biomedical and related research areas.

An international outlook

We are expanding our international footprint. Recently, more than 20 research teams have joined us from countries including Germany, Canada, the US and Denmark.

We break down barriers

Our experts from different fields work together in collaborative multi- and cross-disciplinary teams. This approach ensures each scientific problem can be examined from a range of perspectives and each research program benefits from a diversity of expertise.

Established  industry partnerships

These valuable partnerships boost research excellence and deliver solutions to current industry challenges. We are committed to working with industry, business, government, and the community sector to find innovative solutions to today’s global health problems.

Access to unparalleled, world-leading research infrastructure

Monash University has invested significantly in high-quality research infrastructure and expertise to establish our platforms. The platform network brings together leading researchers from different fields to engage with local, national, and global, academic and commercial research sectors. Coupled with certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), these platforms are a game- changer for academic and industry collaboration.

Access to expanding translational precincts and health networks

These networks accelerate the translation of our discoveries into health outcomes and enable clinical imperatives to inform our innovative research agenda. Our work begins in the laboratory with fundamental discovery research and ends with impactful treatments.

Join us

Donors are essential partners in our research programs. Our donors support us in different ways including direct funding of scholarships and fellowships, research grants and equipment. Our partners can also participate in other engagement opportunities at the Monash BDI including as industry mentors and health consumers.

Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a partnership to meet your needs.