Partnership opportunities

Our scientists and industry: a powerful synergy

We have built a rich pipeline of translatable biomedical discoveries, from novel targets to biologics and drug candidates across a range of therapeutic indications that are available for partnering.

We have many opportunities for industry to work with us - access the details of these opportunities from the table below.

We are looking for the best partners to accelerate translation of our opportunities to the marketplace. Monash Innovation are open to a range of commercial pathways and we look forward to exploring the best approach with you.


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Cancer | Cardiovascular Disease | Development & Stem Cell
Infection & Immunity | Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity | Neuroscience


Immuno-oncology IL-21 mAb A novel and highly differentiated immunomodulatory therapeutic based on Interleukin-21 (IL-21) activation. (Cancer)
Tumour-specific mAb (ADAM10) Novel mAbs that bind a unique epitope on a cancer-associated form of the ADAM10 metalloprotease. (Cancer)
Stabilised peptides to Grb7 A new oncology drug class target that specifically inhibit activity of the Grb7 adaptor protein. (Cancer)
Enhanced cytotoxic CD8+ T-cells for adoptive cell therapy A method for enhanced ex vivo stimulation of cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes (CTL), independent of CD4+ T helper cells, for improved Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT). (Cancer)
New target for aggressive prostate cancer A key androgen independent pathway in prostate cancer progression and a crucial extracellular target that could inhibit castration-resistant disease. (Cancer)

Cardiovascular Disease

Angiotensin AT2 receptor-selective agonists as anti-fibrotic agents A range of highly potent and selective ligands that stimulate AT2 receptors for the development of anti-fibrotic medications. (Cardiovascular Disease)
New target for anti-fibrotic drugs A novel anti-fibrosis target, with the proprietary small molecule lead series that completely reversed cardiac and renal fibrosis in clinically relevant disease models. (Cardiovascular Disease)

Development & Stem Cells

MOGRIFY™ Direct reprogramming of human cell types. (Development and Stem Cells)

Infection & Immunity

MicroCube vaccine platform for cancer and infectious diseases MicroCubes are protein-based vaccines that can accommodate various antigens and elicit strong T-cell responses. (Infection and Immunity)
Anti-viral drug discovery platform A novel, high-throughput assay focused on specifically inhibiting nuclear import of viral proteins. (Infection and Immunity)
Aminopeptidase inhibitors for human, animal and microbial use Our aminopeptidase inhibitor compounds are efficacious in controlling human leukaemia cell lines, growth of bacterial pathogens and malaria parasites. (Infection and Immunity)
Reducing reinfection rates for virulent forms of Clostridium difficile Treatment of C. difficile infections by anti-sporulation activity, resulting in a reduction in the rates of reinfection. (Infection and Immunity)

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity

New target for type 2 diabetes mellitus A novel orphan protein that improves glucose clearance in type 2 diabetic (T2D) mouse models without impacting insulin secretion or causing hypoglycaemia. (Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity)
Modulating a hypothalamic switch to treat obesity A hypothalamic protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) 'switch', regulated by glucocorticoids, modulates insulin sensitivity and weight loss. (Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity)