BioEYES Australia

Teaching life science skills while exciting children about the thrill of scientific discovery

BioEYES Australia is an award-winning, innovative, hands-on approach to teaching primary and secondary students about science. Since it began, BioEYES Australia has reached more than 10,000 students with some 83% of students stating they can imagine themselves as scientists after completing the program.

How does it work? Over the course of a week, students nurture the development of zebrafish embryos, observing the transparent eggs (Danio rerio) change from a single-celled zygote to a free swimming larvae. Students develop their critical thinking skills and perform collaborative experiments as they study the lifespan and development of the zebrafish, anatomy and genetics. The entire program is run at schools, making it accessible to students and their teachers.

BioEYES Australia aims to capture the inherent enthusiasm and excitement that students have for science while opening their minds to possible and fulfilling futures in this field. Moreover it is a powerful aid for teachers working within the Australian National Curriculum. (Download just some of the examples of links between BioEYES and the Australian Science Curriculum)

See BioEYES in action in the classroom and hear Dr Jamie Shuda, Director of Life Science Outreach at UPA, explain how the program works.