Hear from our students

Hear our students personal stories about why they chose to study the Master of Biomedical and Health Science.

Norina Michelin, Master of Biomedical and Health Science student

“The Master of Biomedical and Health Science was my first choice as it has allowed me to explore different areas of biomedical science that I hadn’t previously studied in my bachelor degree. This degree has allowed me to broaden my horizons and find where my true passion and strengths are in biomedical science. Ultimately, this degree will hopefully pave the way to further studies such as a PhD.

A highlight for this course would be developing laboratory techniques that range from the molecular level to the whole animal, as it has allowed me to attain a wide range of hands-on lab based experiences that may not have been possible in a degree with a more narrow focus.

Additionally, having the opportunity to network with successful researchers- as well as present talks to them- was a great experience.

The critical thinking and collaborative skills attained from this course have prepared me for a career in research and are transferable across all industries. The constant comprehensive and constructive feedback received has helped improve my written and verbal communication skills immensely.”

Fariha Alam, Master of Biomedical and Health Science student

“I chose the Master in Biomedical and Health Science degree because I believed it would open doors to an incredible variety of job opportunities and, at the same time, allow me to pursue a career that has a positive impact on humanity.

The highlight of the degree was to take part in a research project in the Department of Pharmacology. The project was incredibly rewarding and allowed me to develop valuable professional connections and skills that will help my career.

The Master in Biomedical and Health Science degree has provided me with all the tools that are essential to excel in the field of biomedical research. From teaching me exceptional laboratory skills to helping me understand health or biomedical oriented businesses, the program allowed me to gain real-world experiences and expand my knowledge base.”

Almaz Bailey, Master of Biomedical and Health Science student

“I chose to study the Master of Biomedical Health Science rather than another degree because I thought the structure was appealing. It offers more than most of the other degrees I had researched, and I was also interested in being able to focus solely on the research year, rather than cramming study and research into one year.

The highlight of this course has been getting to meet so many inspirational people within many schools of science. I've loved the research year, and I certainly have met some incredible peers who I hope to continue to work alongside, and potentially collaborate with in the future.

This course has allowed me to make connections with many people, experience different lab settings, and has prepared me to undertake the next part of my journey. I have developed so many skills, including research, writing, and presentation skills. I feel confident about taking the next step once I have completed this Masters degree.”

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