Why choose this course

Whether you’re looking to extend your scientific background, explore a new field or pursue graduate research, our course broadens your potential career pathways. Following intensive research training in first year, you’ll complete both an internship and your own research project, under the guidance of one of our academic experts.

This course is unique in that it provides you with comprehensive, postgraduate-level knowledge of multiple disciplines within the biomedical sciences, while simultaneously allowing you to specialise in one of five areas:

  • cancer biology and therapeutics
  • cardiovascular disease
  • infectious diseases and population health
  • neuroscience
  • regenerative medicine and stem cells

This structure allows you to gain expertise in an area of particular interest without closing off any career opportunities.

With an employability focus from day one, you’ll be trained in collaboration, professionalism and entrepreneurship. You’ll also have opportunities to network with leaders in biomedicine and health sciences, and engage with industry.

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