Work experience for secondary students

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Please note that the 2021 Work Experience Program is subject to change depending on government and health advice at the time.

Each year, more than 50 secondary school students are taken into our laboratories for a week-long placement to experience what the life of a research scientist is really like. These placements enable secondary students (15 years of age or older) to gain an insight into careers in biomedical research by allowing them to observe and participate in (subject to safety considerations) the activities of a research laboratory. We prioritise applications from students who have an interest in pursuing a career in science.

In 2021 we are offering one round of work experience. The details are listed below.

Please note that due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to reduce the work experience duration to three days instead of five. Please confirm that your school will allow this under their work experience program before applying.

Dates: 27 September – 29 September, 2021
Applications open: 6 August, 2021
Applications close: 20 August, 2021
Offers released by: 3 September, 2021

How to apply:
The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute is a research intensive institute and our scientists focus on fundamental research questions surrounding health and disease. Consequently, students who can show a passion for science and future careers in research will be viewed favourably. Any student who is interested in medical practice or wants experience in a hospital setting should seek work experience under the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences' Hands on Health Program.

Work experience places in the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (and the School of Biomedical Sciences) are in extremely high demand and as a result we cannot guarantee you a place. However, in order for us to explore the possibility of finding you a position, you will need to lodge an application document. See below for the link to submit your application form.

If you are interested in applying for work experience in the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (and the School of Biomedical Sciences) please use this link to fill out and submit an application form. Please note: students must be at least 15 years of age or older at the time of placement due to safety regulations.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Laura Reid at