Why study in Melbourne, Australia?

Australia is progressive, thriving and beautiful. Our cities are urbane and cosmopolitan, and our landscapes range from pristine sandy beaches to perfect snowy mountains.

We're also one of the world's most culturally diverse nations. In the Australian state of Victoria, 45 per cent of people were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. In Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, you will hear people speak more than 150 different languages.

Melbourne has been named the world's 'most liveable city' for seven years running by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The August 2014 Report praises the city's culture, education, safety and infrastructure.

To find out more about living in Melbourne from a student perspective, visit Life in Melbourne.

Melbourne is also Australia’s knowledge, research and innovation capital. Victoria boasts more than 10 major medical research institutes, 186 biotechnology companies, and more than 10 major teaching hospitals with a robust biomedical sector that attracts eminent researchers from around the world. It is home to some of the world’s most outstanding communities of ideas, research and innovation – science, technology, medicine, engineering, design, education and business.

  • Known for its excellence in medical research and recognised collaborative model across basic and clinical research, Melbourne’s science sector has yielded four Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology.
  • Melbourne’s expertise in stem cells, infectious diseases, cancer, neuroscience, clinical trials and agricultural biotechnology is also globally.renowned.
  • The Victorian Government is committed to the research and innovation community. In recent years has funded the Australian Synchrotron, the La Trobe Biosciences Research Centre, the Victoria Life Sciences Computation Initiative and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.
  • Melbourne has made its mark on the medical world, developing breakthrough products which have been used around the word. These include drug discoveries and clinical trials, diagnostics and devices, and range from the well-known Relenza anti-flu vaccine, to the Cochlear implant, to a world-first prototype bionic eye.

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