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L-R: Professor Reena Ghildyal (University of Canberra), Dr MengJie Hu, Professor David Jans.

Scientists reveal way deadly virus hijacks cells – and a way to stop it

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is responsible for an estimated 200,000 deaths worldwide a year, exceeding the toll of influenza. There are no effective anti-RSV therapeutics generally available and no vaccine.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 23 July, 2019
Dr Belinda Henry

Fat a burning topic at scientist’s public lecture

When Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s Dr Belinda Henry was recently asked to give a public lecture at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery auditorium, New Zealand, it was a somewhat different proposition to the scientific addresses she is

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 17 July, 2019
Dr Justin W. Adams and Dr Luca Fiorenza.

Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked

Extended parental care is considered one of the hallmarks of human evolution. In a stunning new research result published today in Nature, an international team of researchers from Monash and Southern Cross University revealed for the first time

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 16 July, 2019
Professor Roger Daly, Head of the Monash BDI Cancer Program.

Breast cancer research gains welcome boost

Professor Roger Daly, Head of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) Cancer Program, has received a major grant from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and Love Your Sister Foundation (LYSF).

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 15 July, 2019
Dr Sergey Gorelick and Associate Professor Alex de Marco in front of the PIE-scope.

Introducing the PIE-scope: a microscope enabling targeted in situ structural biology

A novel microscope designed by Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) scientists can dramatically reduce the time it takes scientists to track down molecules of interest within cells for structural characterisation.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 11 July, 2019
Professor Nicole La Gruta, Dr Nathan Croft and Professor Tony Purcell beside the mass spectrometer.

Shining light into the ‘black box’ of influenza may lead to better vaccines

In a paper published in Nature Communications, Professors Nicole La Gruta and Tony Purcell, and Dr Nathan Croft and their teams from the Monash BDI, have revealed, using a mouse model of flu infection, how the immune system ‘presents’

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 8 July, 2019
Monash Nature Index

Monash research a class act in prestigious Nature Index

Monash University has placed firmly among the world’s elite research institutions in the global rankings of the influential Nature Index, which measures contributions to high-quality scientific research papers.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 5 July, 2019
The Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building.

New home for biomedical science education officially open

The Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building was officially opened by Professor Margaret Gardner AO, Monash’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Christina Mitchell AO, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, and

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 5 July, 2019
PhD candidate Ee Shan Pang.

Award to support immune molecule study

A Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute PhD candidate says winning a Graduate Women Victoria (GWV) bursary will significantly assist her in finishing her doctoral work investigating a molecule that plays a key role in immune response.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 27 June, 2019