Collaborating across borders to enhance discoveries

Seven of our researchers have been successful in gaining seed funding for establishing research collaborations with Monash's Faculty of Science. These inaugural inter-disciplinary grants are designed to help researchers carry out highly innovative or proof-of-principle studies, with an aim to garner future external funding.

This year's successful recipients are:

  • Chris Greening (Biological Sciences) and Max Cryle (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) for ‘Investigating two novel classes of oxygen-tolerant hydrogenases: unique catalysts for biotechnology’
  • Lincoln Turner (Physics and Astronomy) and David Spanswick (Physiology) for ‘The biomagnetic microscope: Non-invasive imaging of neurocurrents with ultracold atoms’
  • Alex de Marco (Biomedical Sciences) and Travis Johnson (Biological Sciences) for ‘Precise isolation of cryo-preserved tissue for Omics studies using a Focussed Ion Beam’
  • Alistair Evans (Biological Sciences) and Justin W. Adams (Biomedical Sciences / Biomedicine Discovery Institute) for ‘Rediscovering the Thylacine: Cyberanatomy of an Australian Icon’
  • Jennifer Flegg (Mathematical Sciences) and John Carroll (Biomedical Sciences) for ‘The origins of aneuploidy in cell division: a mathematical pilot study’
  • Tianhai Tian (Mathematical Sciences) and Jose Polo (Anatomy and Developmental Biology) for ‘Stochastic multi-scale modelling of molecular roadmap for somatic cell reprogramming’
  • Linda Parsons (Biological Sciences) and Roger Daly (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) for ‘Determining the molecular mechanisms that link nutrient status, growth and tumourigenesis’