Biomedical science industry night

Guests at the Biomedical Science Industry Night.
Guests at the Biomedical Science Industry Night.

The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) recently held its inaugural Biomedical Science Industry Night, aimed at connecting students, industry, employers and alumni. Students could find out first-hand about the vast array of career opportunities available to them, and network with representatives from a variety of industries.

The event was held on Friday 5 October, and began with a welcome from Professor Dena Lyras, Deputy Director of the Monash BDI.

Professor Lyras highlighted the multitude of transferable skills students that study biomedical science gain, which give them a competitive advantage when they start looking for work. These skills make biomedical science students employable in a wide range of areas, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government, private industry, medicine, not-for-profit and more.

A panel discussion included six biomedical science and science alumni and an industry representative from BioCurate. The alumni on the panel had unique perspectives to offer, all hailing from various industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical and education.

The panel members discussed how they each made it to their current positions, how their studies in biomedical science or science helped them get to where they are now, and how they used the skills they developed during their studies to help them in their work. They offered advice to the students and answered questions from the audience.

After the panel, the more than 150 attendees (including the industry and alumni guests) networked over light refreshments. Students were able to continue asking questions of the panel members and other industry representatives.

Professor Lyras said the event was a great success, with lots of positive feedback from staff, students and the alumni and industry guests.

“We had a number of students approach us after the event to say how much they appreciated it,” Professor Lyras said.

“Students especially appreciated the diversity of career pathways the panel members represented. This was a valuable event for highlighting some of those career pathways for our students.”

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