Diversity and Inclusion Week

Diversity and Engagement Week
Diversity and Engagement Week

Monash University celebrated Diversity and Inclusion Week last week. This week celebrates our diverse community and strengthens our inclusive culture.

A raft of events were held across the various Monash campuses, including keynote presentations, food festivals, workshops and more.

The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) took part in the week’s activities by hosting the Sensory Scientific Exhibition in the foyer of the institute. The exhibition was created for a special event in May this year, offering members of the blind and low vision community an opportunity to engage with science in a tactile way. The exhibit includes 3D forms of bacteria and cells, and explanations written in braille.

The exhibit was on display on Thursday 30 August, with artist-in-residence Dr Erica Tandori on hand to answer questions and explain the art.

“People have been really pleased to see the exhibit,” Dr Tandori said.

“After the success of the event in May, it’s great to be able to showcase the amazing art created by members of the Infection and Immunity Program,” she said.

Professor John Carroll, Director of the Monash BDI and Monash’s Athena SWAN Lead, presented key findings from the Monash application for the Bronze Athena SWAN award at an event focused on ‘Untangling unconscious bias’.

Athena SWAN was established in the UK in 2005 in response to chronic underrepresentation of women in science. Participating institutions in the Athena SWAN pilot are required to collect comprehensive data on current gender equity policies and practices, identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and develop and implement plans to improve gender equity at all levels.

“Data is important. This is nothing people don’t know, but it highlights the reality of the situation, and how much there is left to do in this space,” Professor Carroll said when presenting Monash’s gender and diversity statistics.

Professor Carroll then outlined the next steps for implementing Monash’s action plan supporting gender equity and diversity across the university before welcoming Dr Jennifer Whelan, a social psychologist, who explored the concept of unconscious bias and outlined strategies to mitigate its impact.

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