Change It. For Good.


When confronted with all the challenges facing our world today, Monash doesn’t take a back seat. We make a call for collective action, by saying “If you don’t like it, change it.”

At Monash, our community of supporters are changing it with life-saving discoveries, accessible education, breakthrough research and vibrant communities. We invite you to join us, to not only change it, but Change It. For Good.

The Change It. For Good. Campaign offers a clear path for our alumni and donor community to help us do more. It challenges us to push the boundaries, change more lives and transform our world for the better.


The Change It. For Good. Campaign is the largest public fundraising initiative in our history.

It sets out to achieve three goals: raise $500 million from a community of 50,000 donors, and to double the number of bequests made to Monash.

Our donor community

We are proud of the connection we have with our community of 425,000 alumni worldwide – a group that continues to grow every day. Driven by our alumni, as well as our other philanthropic partners and friends of the University, a strong culture of giving has emerged, creating a community connected by a common goal: to Change It. For Good.

Every dollar we receive and every donor we welcome to this community contributes to a positive global future for all people, underscored by advances in technology, healthcare breakthroughs, social justice, cultural endeavours and action on climate change. In partnership with our donors, through Campaign we are empowered to amplify these efforts.

Donor stories

Council members and patrons

Our Campaign Council and Patrons are dedicated to Change It. For Good. Meet the members who are raising the profile of philanthropy through their own transformational giving and leadership.

Campaign Council and Patrons