Muhamad Risqi Saputra

Assistant Professor, Data Science


Dr Muhamad Risqi Saputra

Muhamad Risqi U. Saputra (Risqi) is an assistant professor in Data Science at Monash University, Indonesia. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research associate in the Cyber-physical Systems group, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, United Kingdom (UK). He obtained his DPhil (PhD) in the same department at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, he finished his master (MEng) and bachelor degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.

In the professional space, he had experience working as a co-founder in an educational-technology startup company named and as a senior data scientist in Jakarta Smart City. In the past, he received several awards from a couple of software development competitions, either nationally or internationally, such as Indonesia ICT Awards (INAICTA), International ICT Innovative Services Contest (InnoServe) in Taiwan, and Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA) in Brunei Darussalam.

His main research interest revolves around the intersection between machine (deep) learning, computer vision, and cyber-physical systems applied to a wide range of problems including navigation, positioning, mapping, object detection, or semantic segmentation, among others. Nevertheless, he is keen to work in diverse interdisciplinary areas including but not limited to smart cities, health science, assistive technology, disaster prevention and management, and so on, as long as it intersects with his main research interest.  His research work has been published in top venue conferences and journals in the area of machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation such as ICCV, AAAI, ICRA, IROS, RA-L, CSUR, etc.

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More information

  • M. R. U. Saputra, C. X. Lu, P. P. B. de Gusmao, B. Wang, A. Markham, and N. Trigoni, “Graph-based Thermal-Inertial SLAM with Probabilistic Neural Networks”, in IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO), 2021. [Q1, IF=5.567]
  • M. R. U. Saputra, P. P. B. de Gusmao, C. X. Lu, Y. Almalioglu, S. Rosa, C. Chen, J. Wahlstrom, W. Wang, A. Markham, and N. Trigoni, “DeepTIO: A Deep Thermal-Inertial Odometry with Visual Hallucination”, in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), and was presented in IEEE ICRA, 2020. [Q1, IF=3.608]
  • M. R. U. Saputra, A. Markham, and N. Trigoni, “Visual SLAM and Structure from Motion in Dynamic Environments”, ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), Vol. 51, Issue 2, 2018. [Q1, IF=10.282]
  • M. R. U. Saputra, P. P. B. de Gusmao, Y. Almalioglu,  A. Markham, and N. Trigoni, “Distilling Knowledge From a Deep Pose Regressor Network”, IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019. [CORE A*, AR: 25% from 4303 submissions]
  • K. Zhou, C. Chen, B. Wang, M. R. U. Saputra, N. Trigoni, and A. Markham, “VMLoc: Variational Fusion For Learning-Based Multimodal Camera Localization”, in AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2021. [CORE A*, AR: 21% from 7911 submissions]

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Risqi's research interest is mainly but not limited to :

  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
  • AI/ML/CV Applications (Emergency Response, Sustainability, Smart Cities, Recommendation, etc.)
  • Navigation, Positioning, and Mapping
  • Cyber-physical Systems
  1. Winner Liputan 6 Awards for, held by Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV), Indonesia (2016).
  2. Selected as One of 107 Innovators Indonesia, Business Innovation Centre, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Indonesia (2015).
  3. Bronze Award (3rd place) of CSR category (, ASEAN ICT Award (AICTA) 2013, ASEAN Telecommunication Ministers, Singapore.
  4. Winner Award, Tertiary Student Project, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA), Brunei Darussalam (2012).
  5. Gold Medal, International ICT Innovative Services Contest (InnoServe), Taipei Computer Association, Taiwan (2012).
  6. Winner Award, Tertiary Student Application category, Indonesia ICT Award (INAICTA), Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Indonesia (2012).
  7. Second Winner, Software Design Competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Indonesia (2012).