Industry partnerships

Industry partnerships

At Monash University, we do more than educate. We’re a global network of world-leading academics, faculties, research and development programs that connect industry with solutions to their challenges.

Partnering with Monash University connects you to an entire ecosystem geared towards providing solutions, spanning research and evidence, skills development, and talent.

Our Indonesian campus is here to deliver research and education that makes a distinctive contribution to Indonesia’s social, technological and economic development.

We do this by tailoring our world-leading, future-focused study to the needs of Indonesian industries, and by developing research partnerships that address Indonesia’s real-world challenges.

partner with us

Partner with us

Monash University and its partners can equip the workforce with a future-focused, leadership mindset, filling the skills gaps industry needs.

Together, we can identify opportunities for sector growth, and work on finding solutions to the biggest challenges. We can strengthen ties between Australia and Indonesia by working together on cross-cultural partnerships and knowledge exchange. We can identify areas for shorter collaborations to address immediate or “hot topic” issues facing Indonesian business and society, by co-developing masterclasses, lecture series, and other co-branded knowledge-sharing initiatives.

In future, we may look to partner with other universities to build on existing courses and offer microcredentials in our focus areas, as further opportunities become clear. When we apply Monash’s knowledge to real-world experience, the possibilities for world-changing, evidence-based research are endless.

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