Research collaborations

Joining Monash to solve real-world issues will continue to make a positive impact on Indonesia’s development, and benefit the wider region.

Partnering with Monash University Indonesia in research design, research collaboration or an industry program can create an evidence base for your decision-making. Use our expertise to design a research solution to your unique problems.

Industry can access a connection to Monash University Indonesia’s academic world, but also a vast, world-leading network of multidisciplinary knowledge across all of our campuses and research centres. Learn more about our research network.

Monash University’s commitment to research excellence remains core to our research culture at the Indonesia campus. We recruit talented staff and students who reflect our commitment to world-leading, fundamental investigator-led research.

Case studies

Our enterprising research will always positively impact people and the planet.

We recognise that partnering with industry allows our Monash academics to apply their critical thinking to real-world issues, expanding knowledge and making a greater impact.

Our success with commercial partnerships speaks for itself. Learn more about the Monash approach to industry partnerships and success stories.