Ika Idris

Associate Professor, Public Policy and Management

E: ika.idris@monash.edu

Dr Ika Idris

Ika is a trained scholar in the area of social media analytics. She was a researcher at the Social Media Research Team Lab/SMARTLab Ohio University during her doctoral study as a Fulbright awardee at the same university. In 2020, she became the first fellow from outside the United States to train in the PhD Digital Bootcamp at Texas State University.

Before joining Monash Indonesia, from 2019-2021, Ika was the Director of Research of Paramadina Public Policy Institute at Universitas Paramadina. She also served as an assistant professor at Paramadina Graduate School of Communication from 2009. Her research interests focus on social media analytics, government communication, digital platforms’ policy, and digital literacy.

Trained in the media and communication field, she believes that a strategic communication plan is vital in promoting public policy and delivering public service. She has experience in consultancy works with various government agencies, especially in policy implementation, service delivery, and policy evaluation. Some of her consultancy works include conducting a national survey and stakeholders’ analysis for the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, conducting service evaluation of one-stop service centre and Jakarta Smart City for the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, and designing public information service procedures for the Directorate General of Bina Marga, the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

Ika has been assisting the research and human resources development agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics in designing and developing curriculum for government training in government public relations, digital public relations, and social media analytics. Since 2019, she has trained strategic public communication and social media analysis for the government, including officials from the Supreme Court, The ASEAN Secretary, Social Media task force for the Indonesian National Police Agency, The Indonesian Competition Commission, The Audit Board of Indonesia, Bank of Indonesia, and District, Municipal, and Province government agencies from the priority regions.

More information

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- Social media analytics - Government communication - Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake news - Women and leadership - Public Information and communication - Public policy implementation in Indonesia

National research grant on Women’s Leadership in Mass Media, Perhimpunan Pengembang Media Nusantara with support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland in Indonesia (2021).