Sarah Elyzabeth Gultom

Assistant Professor, Business Innovation


Sarah Elyzabeth Gultom is Assistant Professor of Business Innovation at Monash University, Indonesia. She holds a PhD in economics from Monash University Malaysia. She obtained her undergraduate and honours degrees in business and commerce, specialising in economics, banking and finance, from the same university.

Sarah was a visiting researcher at the SMERU Research Institute Indonesia and has worked on research projects for the Department of Economics, School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. She also served as a guest lecturer for the School of Science, Monash University Malaysia, where she taught economic indicators, poverty and inequality. Besides research and teaching, her experience includes working for a not-for-profit organisation. She is one of the founding members of a foundation that focuses on rural development in North Sumatra.

Her research interests lie in development economics, particularly poverty, inequality and impact evaluation. Her previous research centred on the measurement and application of multidimensional poverty indices, income and education inequalities and evaluation of anti-poverty programmes. She is interested in exploring other areas of development and applied economics, including the role of businesses in Indonesia's economic and social development.

More information

Tadjoeddin, M. Z., Yumna, A., Gultom, S. E., Rakhmadi, M. F., & Suryahadi, A. (2021). Inequality and violent conflict: new evidence from selected provinces in Post-Soeharto Indonesia. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 26(3), 552 - 573.

Gultom, S. E. & Leeves, G. D. (2018, March). Unconditional cash transfers and multidimensional poverty: the case of rural-urban migrants in Indonesia. Presented at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) Workshop on Impact Evaluation, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Gultom, S. E. (2016, September). Unconditional cash transfers and multidimensional poverty of rural-urban migrants in Indonesia. Presented at the Development Studies Association (DSA) Conference, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Gultom, S. E. (2016, September). Multidimensional poverty: evidence from rural-urban migrants in Indonesia. Presented at the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) Conference, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

Yumna, A., Rakhmadi, M. F., Hidayat, M. F., Gultom, S. E., & Suryahadi, A. (2015). Estimating the impact of inequality on growth and unemployment in Indonesia. Jakarta: The SMERU Research Institute.


  • ECI5953 - Regulation, prices and markets
  • ECI5590 - Poverty, inequality and opportunity
  • BTI5111 - Technology: Risk and regulation in the digital age

Research area keywords:

  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Policy evaluation
  • Sustainable development
  • Development economics
  • Monash University Malaysia Merit Scholarship
  • Monash University Honours Degree Scholarship