Are you data fluent?

What does it mean to be data fluent?  For researchers, this means knowing how to use, explore, interpret and visualise data in a meaningful way and effectively communicate your research and ideas.  There is an increasing need for all researchers and professionals to be able to understand and write code and interact in the digital enquiry space. That’s what Data Fluency enables you to do.

Here at Monash we are fortunate to have a thriving community supporting researchers in gaining these skills.  There is much on offer, from face to face workshops and a popular seminar series to weekly drop-ins for data wrangling and networking purposes.

Current workshops include Python, R, OpenRefine, TensorFlow, Unix shell, REDCap and more.  These sessions are offered at various skill levels and more sessions are being added all the time. If you are a Monash staff member or postgraduate student, you can register for workshops through the research tile in - go to myDevelopment and type into the search box ‘Data Fluency’ or the software you are interested in eg 'Python'.

We are also keen to learn what else researchers need, so if you think a particular program would be useful please email us.

We look forward to meeting you at one of the forums soon - from complete beginners to experts - everyone has the same goal - better research outcomes and smarter ways of working with data.  Data Fluency is just one of the ways we are making that happen.

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