Visiting the Library

The Library is closed to the public until further notice.

Monash University Library is open to all visitors. If you live near a Monash campus or have need to access the resources of one of Australia's largest academic research libraries you are invited to visit and use the Monash University libraries and make photocopies from the collection (subject to copyright restrictions).

To borrow from the library, visitors need to join the library and may need to pay a membership fee. The fee may be reduced if you are a student or staff member of an academic institution in Australia or New Zealand - see Reciprocal membership.

There is no membership fee payable for Victorian students and academic staff who qualify under the CAVAL scheme, but all reciprocal borrowers should read about their entitlements and responsibilities under these schemes - see Reciprocal membership

Monash Alumni can join the library with special rates and entitlements - Find out more

Please note that resources in high demand by current Monash staff and students may not be available to you and that access to electronic resources is generally restricted by license agreements.

Opening hours for the libraries are available on the website.

WiFi access

Eduroam WiFi - a reciprocal service with other institutions. If your home institution (eg another university) is a member you should be able to use it - find out more.

Computer access/printing

Use the "Quick access" PCs near the printers to access Library Search and for quick printing. Through Google docs you can edit your MS Office documents; you can access the internet for a short period.

If you need to print, scan or photocopy material there are costs; pay for your use by purchasing a Guest M-Pass card at the kiosk in the library and add credit to it with a credit or debit card. Retain the card for future use.

A Visitor computer at each library provides equitable access for the general public to particular online databases that vendors have allowed us to put on a public machine.

The Collection

To find items in the collection use Search, which is available on the Library home page.

There are over four million items in our collection, and we are proud to maintain a number of special collections of national and international significance.

There are certain special collections which are of direct interest to the community including:

  • the Vera Bradford Music Collection (Peninsula Library) consists of books on the history of music, musical scores and librettos, sheet music and orchestral sets of music. Local music groups can access the collection by inquiring at the information point.
  • Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education Collection (Matheson Library, Clayton) Japanese language teaching kits and materials are available for loan to teachers from Victoria and Tasmania who have registered for a resource card with the MCJLE.
  • the Rare Books Collection (Matheson Library, Clayton) comprises materials considered rare because of age, uniqueness or physical beauty. Regular thematic exhibitions are presented and community members can attend exhibition openings or view rare and historical items in the Special Collections reading room.
  • the Visual History Archive of the USC SHOAH Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, which community members can acess with a visitor's computer.  This archive provides access to over 50,000 video testimonies of Holocaust survivors.


Visiting artists, authors and scholars are welcome to access our special collections. From time to time we offer fellowships or host fellows from other academic institutions.