Halfway through ...

Published: March 2022

This update is written by Hannah who graduated the Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons) in 2020.

"Hi Everyone!! My name is Hannah and I am currently halfway through my grad year and am currently working in the Maternity Ward at Monash Medical Centre.

The last few months have given me the slight misfortune to experience the other side of the graduate year and that is the experience of life as a patient. Experiencing the other side has given me the greatest appreciation for what we do and that is to make people feel comfortable in times where they weren’t really expecting to need the help that we provide.

It’s not only given me an appreciation of what patients go through and the importance of our role in the comfort that we provide, but also in the importance of finding workplaces that are really fully supportive for you of you at every stage that you’re at.

I could not be more appreciative of my workplace, Monash Health, and my colleagues and managers who have been so incredibly supportive and understanding of the time I’ve had to take off from my graduate year. Coming back, I was supported with extra supernumerary days and endless patience while remembering some of the fine details of our work. This helped to build my confidence and made me feel like I’m back where I’m supposed to be.

Jumping back into work, it has been so incredibly busy. With so many mothers and babies to care for, it has provided many opportunities to put some lived experiences to the test… for starters, I now warn my patients properly before giving clexane because, man, it is more than a little sting!!

One of the greatest positives to come from having some time off has been the support of all the grads I started with who have now finished their grad years. I feel so proud of all of them and how far we’ve come. But now I’ve also got the opportunity of getting to know the new grads coming through! It’s been eye-opening to reflect on how far I have come from this time last year. but also to have another lot of grads to support and be supported by. Having friends within the grad year has made the world of difference in reflecting and debriefing and getting some of that work-life balance."

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