Entry requirements

Semester Abroad

To be eligible to participate in a semester abroad program you must meet the following criteria presented in the table below.

Please note: for Engineering and Law students (single and double degree), the minimum requirements are slightly different - please see below for more information.
If you are looking to study language units whilst overseas and have them contribute towards your language studies, you will need to receive study plan approval from your language coordinator prior to submitting your application in MAP.

*Honours students need to discuss their eligibility with their Honours supervisor or relevant Honours contact person, as well as Monash Abroad as eligibility may differ.

Eligibility criteria for Semester Abroad programs

(Semester or Year on Exchange or Study Abroad)


Postgraduate by coursework

Of good academic standing
Minimum WAM at time of application in MAP* #n/an/a
Minimum WAM at the end of the semester in which you apply#60%60%
Minimum credit points completed at time of application in MAP*18n/a
Minimum credit points completed by the end of the semester in which you applyn/a18
Minimum credit points completed at time of program commencement3636
Sought Course Advice from faculty/faculties
Study plan approved by faculty/faculties
Satisfy any additional faculty requirements
Satisfy any host institution / campus requirements
Study equivalent of 18 – 24 credits 
per semester whilst overseas
Attend ‘First Step’ Session by 
end of semester in which you register

*At the time of application refers to the Part A deadlines (April 30th / October 15th) as outlined on the How to Apply page.

# If you're applying for semester exchange to Japan, you must have a minimum WAM of 65%.

Special considerations