A simple nasal spray may help control appetite, burn fat and reduce weight, landmark study finds

Professor Tony Tiganis.
Professor Tony Tiganis.

Professor Tony Tiganis received widespread media coverage in print, radio and television news for his landmark obesity study, published this week in Cell Reports.

In Australia, more than one in four adults are obese and current non-surgical therapies have side effects or only work in conjunction with exercise, which can be difficult for people who are severely obese. Finally, there may be a solution: a nasal spray that works to depress appetite and increase metabolic rate without exercise in people who are obese.

Professor Tiganis and his team used pre-clinical models to block the action of two enzymes and promote the action of two naturally occurring hormones, leading to a reduction in appetite, an increase in metabolic rate and associated weight loss.

The research was reported in the Herald Sun and was syndicated in ten other newspapers across Australia. Professor Tiganis and first author Dr Garron Dodd were interviewed on ABC Radio and 3AW respectively, and the news was reported on seven other radio stations including ABC Radio Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Canberra, and Triple J.

Watch the television clips of the Sunrise, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 coverage.

Read the full media release here.