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Monash discoveries point to new breast cancer treatment

MedicalXpress, BrightSurf and the Knowridge Science Report all ran stories on the findings of a study by BDI researchers that suggested a new combination of treatments that may help breast cancer patients with certain gene mutations.

In the Press 16 October, 2020

Computational approach may lead to more effective cellular therapies

Cellular therapy is a powerful strategy to produce patient-specific, personalised cells to treat many diseases, including heart disease and neurological disorders.

In the Press 12 October, 2020

Funding to help researchers uncover the secrets of COVID-19 immunity

The National Tribune and LabOnline were among media outlets reporting on the announcement that a collaborative research team including the Monash BDI was granted almost $1 million by the Federal Government towards a two-year project to determine

In the Press 11 October, 2020

Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year

Dr Erica Tandori is a finalist in the Berlin Falling Walls World Science Summit held remotely from 1-10 November, which features scientific breakthroughs delivered live-streamed from more than 500 speakers.

In the Press 6 October, 2020

Art’s in the imagination, not the retina

That’s the message of the BDI’s Dr Erica Tandori speaking at the United Nations AI For Good Global Summit (21-30 September).

In the Press 23 September, 2020

Media outlets home in on news of potential virus vaccine for the elderly

News that researchers from the BDI and National University of Singapore (NUS) have adapted new cancer and pan-influenza vaccine technology to develop a COVID-19 vaccine targeted at the elderly was greeted with huge interest.

In the Press 21 September, 2020

Regenerative medicine discovery may help placenta complications

An international team led by the BDI’s ARC Future Fellow Professor Jose Polo has made an unexpected world-first stem cell discovery that may lead to new treatments for placenta complications during pregnancy.

In the Press 17 September, 2020

Discovery of 'bait' for immune system may lead to new melanoma vaccine

The National Tribune, Medical Xpress, 7thSpace and BrightSurf were all interested in news of a study detailing a promising new approach that harnesses the body’s own immune system to detect and kill tumour cells.

In the Press 17 September, 2020

BDI researcher part of Parkinson’s project awarded US$7million

A story in myScience reported that a team including the BDI’s Dr Michael Lazarou has been awarded a US$7million grant by the Aligning Science Across Parkinson's (ASAP) initiative for a project investigating the role of damaged mitochondria

In the Press 16 September, 2020