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Fat cells sitting adjacent to prostate cancer cells in a human prostate, providing a direct supply of fatty acids for the cancer to grow.

Researchers reveal prostate tumours 'fed' by fatty acids

An international team of scientists, led by Monash BDI's Associate Professor Renea Taylor and Professor Matt Watt from the University of Melbourne, has shown a link between prostate cancer and the uptake of fatty acids by cancer cells.

In the Press 7 February, 2019
Professor Anthony Purcell and Dr Nathan Croft from the Monash BDI.

New discovery helps researchers better understand the immune system

A team of researchers, co-led by the Monash BDI's Professor Tony Purcell and Dr Nathan Croft, has found the immune system can recognise more proteins from viruses than previously thought.

In the Press 5 February, 2019
Monash BDI ECR Dr Kate McArthur.

People Conducting Research: Kate McArthur

Monash BDI ECR Dr Kate McArthur has recently been featured as part of the Convergence Science Network's People Conducting Research series.

In the Press 31 January, 2019
L-R: Mathias Hansen, Associate Professor Max Cryle, Dr Thierry Izore and Dr Julien Tailhades.

Peptide papers point to new ways of tackling bacteria

New research, led by Monash BDI's Associate Professor Max Cryle, has solved a 20-year riddle of how a crucial step in the biosynthesis of ‘last-resort’ antibiotics occurs, opening the way to potentially redesigning these

In the Press 28 January, 2019
Monash BDI's Dr Ben Gully.

Using X-rays to shed light on the murky world of T cell communication

Dr Ben Gully, from the Rossjohn lab at the Monash BDI, and member of the ARC Centre for Advanced Molecular Imaging, recently presented his work as part of the Monash Education STEM Talks.

In the Press 28 January, 2019
The image shows cells (blue - nucleus shown in white) that are full of damaged mitochondria (red). Some of the damaged mitochondria have been targeted by the autophagy receptors (green), which accumulate faster through the process revealed in the

Teaching human cells to clean house to delay ageing and fight neurodegeneration

In a paper published in Nature Communications, researchers have unlocked a key process in all human cells that contributes to diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases as well as ageing.

In the Press 24 January, 2019
Monash BDI's Associate Professor Ashley Buckle.

Creating order from disorder: uncovering the origins of protein evolution

In a recent article published in Lens, Monash BDI's Associate Professor Ashley Buckle delves deep into the world of enzymes, the identification of what he's termed Structural Capacitance Elements

In the Press 22 January, 2019
One of the technology's co-inventors, Monash BDI's Dr Philip Heraud.

New device that can rapidly diagnose disease could save lives

A team of Monash scientists, including Monash BDI's Dr Philip Heraud, have developed a new device that can rapidly screen blood in just minutes to detect a range of pathogens that cause disease, in a breakthrough that could fast-track the way

In the Press 22 January, 2019
Dr Rich Berry with team members Dr Gabby Watson, Felix Deuss and Zhihui Fu.

Putting the brakes on tumour stealth

New research, led by Monash BDI's Dr Rich Berry, has shed light on how some cancers are able to escape our immune system.

In the Press 6 December, 2018