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Professor Tony Tiganis.

A simple nasal spray may help control appetite, burn fat and reduce weight, landmark study finds

Professor Tony Tiganis received widespread media coverage in print, radio and television news for his landmark obesity study, published this week in Cell Reports.

In the Press 13 September, 2019
Dr Justin Adams.

Ancient fossil fills gap in human evolution

The discovery of the oldest most complete skull of a human ancestor has been detailed in a paper published in Nature. The discovery of the near complete skull puts a face on a critical gap in human evolution.

In the Press 29 August, 2019
Dr Jai Rautela and Professor Nicholas Huntington.

Turbocharging the body’s natural killer cells to defeat cancer

A research team led by Monash BDI's Professor Nicholas Huntington has discovered a protein found in humans that prevents Natural Killer (NK) cells from doing their job fighting cancer.

In the Press 27 August, 2019
L-R: (Top row) Dr Milena Awad, Dr Yogitha Srikhanta, Dr Melanie Hutton. (Seated) Professor Dena Lyras and Dr Sheena McGowan.

Disarming dangerous bacteria

A recent Nature Microbiology study led by Monash BDI researchers Professor Dena Lyras, Dr Sheena McGowan and Dr Yogitha Srikhanta has discovered an antibiotic that could prevent the life-threatening diarrhoea.

In the Press 18 August, 2019
Dr Luca Fiorenza.

Surfer's ear for Neanderthals?

A recent study, which found a high rate of bone growths in the ear canals of Neanderthals, has led the researchers involved to speculate whether Neanderthals may have spent time around waterways foraging for food and other resources.

In the Press 15 August, 2019
Dr Stephanie Simonds.

SheSociety highlights female scientists

To celebrate National Science Week, SheSociety compiled a list of leading female scientists in Australia highlighting their wonderful achievements. Their list included Monash BDI researcher, Dr Stephanie Simonds.

In the Press 15 August, 2019
Professor Michael Cowley.

World's coolest workout and rethinking obesity

Professor Michael Cowley has appeared in two separate media stories recently: offering his expert opinion on a new fitness trend called 'Brrrn' in Australian Women's Health, and talking about obesity in an interview in Lens.

In the Press 12 August, 2019
Professor Mark Prescott.

Sharks glow in the dark thanks to newly discovered molecules

Monash BDI academic Associate Professor Mark Prescott has appeared in a ABC News article on a discovery of exactly what gives two species of shark their green glow, biofluorescence.

In the Press 9 August, 2019
Dr Jane Bourke.

Silicosis: Hormone hope in fight against deadly disease

Lens recently ran an article on the emerging epidemic of the occupational lung disease epidemic silicosis. Dr Jane Bourke is working towards finding the first effective treatment of the disease, using the hormone relaxin.

In the Press 2 August, 2019