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Dr Justin Adams.

Two-headed animals: What causes them and how common are they?

According to Dr Justin Adams, there may be a biological explanation for the apparent commonness of two-headed snakes, in comparison to two-headed mammals.

In the Press 5 October, 2018
Professor Ben Kile.

Dying cell links to autoimmunity

The NHMRC recorded a short video of Professor Kile outlining where his research is now focused, and the importance of the NHMRC funding basic research that has clear clinical implications.

In the Press 3 October, 2018
Associate Professor Zane Andrews.

Are you hangry?

Most of us will recognise the feeling of anger that accompanies going hungry for too long, but what can we do about it? Associate Professor Zane Andrews was recently interviewed for an article in Good Health on the topic of hangriness.

In the Press 2 October, 2018
L-R: Professor James Whisstock, Dr Daouda Traore, Professor Julian Rood and Dr Vicki Adams.

How bacteria play pass the parcel - and help each other evade antibiotics

Researchers from the Monash BDI and ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging have discovered information about how a previously unknown gene—called tcpK—functions to help pass the genetic

In the Press 13 September, 2018
Associate Professor Ashley Buckle.

The spark that created life

Recent research led by Associate Professor Ashley Buckle has featured on several online news sites this week, including Brightsurf,, Science Daily and Infosurhoy.

In the Press 12 September, 2018
Dr Konstantin Knoblich and Dr Anne Fletcher.

Lymph node structural cells rein in human immune responses

Recent research published in PLOS Biology has been featured on a number of online news sites, including Brightsurf, Science Daily, Medical Express, Scicasts and Medical Newser.

In the Press 5 September, 2018
Professor Michael Cowley.

Importance of fitness and pain-free glucose monitoring

When it comes to health goals, fitness should be top of the list, according to Professor Michael Cowley, who say fitness has so many metabolic benefits that it counteracts some of the dangers of body fat.

In the Press 24 August, 2018
Dr Kim Jacobson.

Scientists find tiny part in body that may be key to how vaccines work

Dr Kim Jacobson has offered her expert opinion on a recent discovery, published in Nature Communications, of a new structure in the body which may explain why we develop immunity to some diseases but not others.

In the Press 22 August, 2018
Dr Ruth Kennan and Professor Julian Rood.

Progress on footrot vaccine

Professor Julian Rood and Dr Ruth Kennan have featured in the media, as progress has been made towards developing a new vaccine for ovine footrot.

In the Press 13 August, 2018