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Dr Greg Moseley with Dr Stephen Rawlinson and PhD student Tianyue Zhao.

Scientists show that highly lethal viruses hijack cellular defences against cancer

Research recently published in Nature Communications, led by Monash BDI's Dr Greg Moseley, has featured on a number radio stations, including 2GB

In the Press 3 August, 2018
Professor Trevor Lithgow.

Mysterious mechanism of plant-rotting bacterium exposed

Recent work led by Professor Trevor Lithgow and Dr Rhys Grinter has received media coverage. The research, recently published in  In the Press 2 August, 2018

Prostate cancer is surprising difficult to keep alive outside the human body. Yet, like a greenhouse full of rare plants, the Melbourne Urological Research Alliance (MURAL) has cultivated a new collection of living patient tumours. By carefully

Prostate cancer hope

Research conducted by Monash BDI's Professor Gail Risbridger, Drs Mitch Lawrence and Renea Taylor featured in the Herald Sun, and on SBS News and Medical Express this week, for their research recently published

In the Press 25 July, 2018
Dr Kate McArthur.

The rogue molecule that triggers autoimmunity

Dr Kate McArthur, Professor Benjamin Kile, Head of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, and Tahnee Saunders have featured in the latest edition of Australasian Science Magazine, having co-authored an article on their research into mitochondrial DNA.

In the Press 25 July, 2018
Melissa Sweeney.

Broad interests reap benefits for science

The journal Science asked a group of young scientists how broad interests benefit their science. Scientists with a variety of hobbies

In the Press 6 July, 2018
Dr Claire Foldi.

Through the camera lens: for the love of scientific research

Dr Claire Foldi, research fellow in the Oldfield lab at Monash BDI, was the subject of a photo essay by Monash journalism student Kristyna Stepnicka, titled 'Through the camera lens: for the love of scientific research'.

In the Press 26 June, 2018
Ricky Lau.

ISSCR2018: Ricky Lau's perspective

An article written by Monash BDI PhD student, Ricky Lau, has featured on RegMedNet. In the article, Ricky offers his perspective of the recent International Society for Stem Cell Research 2018 Annual Meeting.

In the Press 25 June, 2018
L-R: Dr Stephanie Simonds and Professor Michael Cowley.

Study finds it is better not to diet than to yo-yo diet

Could yo-yo dieting actually be doing more harm than good? Monash BDI's Head of Physiology, Professor Michael Cowley, and Dr Stephanie Simonds have received significant media attention, including Channel 10 TV news, the Herald Sun, the Daily

In the Press 23 June, 2018
Dr Kylie Quinn and Professor Nicole La Gruta.

Monash research provides insights into why older people respond poorly to cancer treatment

Research recently published in Cell Reports, which may have found a group of immune cells that increase in number with age but are

In the Press 20 June, 2018