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Scientist weighs into vaccine controversy

The BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner added a scientific voice to the controversy over the development of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine.

In the Press 25 August, 2020

How T cells can protect unexposed people from COVID-19

The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and stuff reported on emerging evidence that between 20 and 50 per cent of people who have never been exposed to COVID-19 have immune cells that can recognise and react to the virus.

In the Press 21 August, 2020

Herd immunity ‘a numbers game’

A podcast on radio 2HD heard Monash BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner explain why the ChAdOx1 vaccine (the Oxford University vaccine candidate) may prove a viable way of countering COVID-19.

In the Press 20 August, 2020

Tasmanian Tiger not so fearsome after study

Dozens of media outlets in Australia and overseas were captivated by findings, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that the Tasmanian Tiger was only about half as big as once thought.

In the Press 20 August, 2020

Oxford vaccine ‘promising’ says BDI scientist

Monash BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner gave a thumbs-up to early data on ChAdOx1, the Oxford University vaccine the Australian Government has signed up to buy if it clears clinical trials, when asked his expert opinion by The Sydney Morning

In the Press 19 August, 2020

Bacterial ‘secret weapon’ study garners interest

News of a previously unknown weapon used by bacteria to evade immune responses,  discovered by BDI researchers in Dr Thomas Naderer’s laboratory, appeared in a number of online publications.

In the Press 18 August, 2020

Fossil finds show seals missed out on mega status

Millions of years ago, megafauna – such as giant goannas, kangaroos and diprotodontids (wombat relatives) – roamed the Australian landscape while the seas teemed with huge predators such as the ‘megalodon’ shark.

In the Press 18 August, 2020

Phages choreograph deadly attack on superbugs

A study led by BDI scientists illuminating how phages can kill deadly bacterial superbugs has appeared in International Business Times and ScienceDaily.

In the Press 30 July, 2020

Bacteria organelle update attracts attention

A review paper casting light on fascinating internal compartments in bacterial cells called organelles proved irresistible to a variety of media outlets.

In the Press 30 July, 2020