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Professor John Carroll

Funding for basic research disappears in a wave of populism

Monash BDI's Director, Professor John Carroll, has featured in a print article in the Australian Financial Review about the state of funding for basic scientific research in Australia.

In the Press 5 July, 2019
Professor Steve Turner.

Sick with the flu? Here’s why you feel so bad

With the flu season in full swing, Monash BDI's Professor Steve Turner has been in high demand, offering expert commentary on the immune response to influenza and methods to prevention.

In the Press 20 June, 2019
Dr Antonella Papa

Broccoli compound reawakens tumour suppressor

Your mother was right; broccoli is good for you, according to a paper published in Science.

In the Press 28 May, 2019
Dr Anton Peleg

Behold Australia’s grossest drinking tradition: the shoey

It’s called a shoey, and it’s a trend that’s thriving–or festering, depending on your stance–in Australian live music and sporting events.

In the Press 28 May, 2019
Professor Steve Turner.

Can wearing a face mask help prevent the spread of flu?

Professor Steve Turner is back in the press this week after an article about wearing face masks to avoid the flu has spread across the country (and beyond).

In the Press 28 May, 2019
The Monash BDI's new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building by Denton Corker Marshall.

Cubes capture Monash Uni's biomedical building

Our new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building has appeared in another article in The Age. According to the architects, Denton Corker Marshall (DCM), the search was on to create a typology that would be the best fit

In the Press 18 May, 2019
Professor Steve Turner.

Brace yourself, flu season is coming

A battle of epic proportions is raging in your body when you have influenza. But precisely what are the forces involved? Monash BDI's Professor Steve Turner offered expert commentary in a recent explainer published in the The Age, Sydney Morning

In the Press 10 May, 2019
L-R Associate Professor Tony Velkov, Professor Philip Thompson, Professor Jian Li, Dr Kade Roberts, Professor Roger Nation

US biopharmaceutical company licenses Monash University 'superbug' drug discovery

Monash University has granted an exclusive license of its portfolio of proprietary synthetic polymyxin antibiotics to Qpex Biopharma, a US-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new antibiotics to combat the growing threat of

In the Press 30 April, 2019
Dr Brent Neumann.

Microscopic worms could provide key to repairing injured nerves

A tiny worm’s ability to repair damaged nerves could one day help people with nerve injuries such as paralysis, according to a Journal of Neuroscience study featured in myScience, Mirage News, Get STEM and Medical Express.

In the Press 30 April, 2019