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L-R Associate Professor Tony Velkov, Professor Philip Thompson, Professor Jian Li, Dr Kade Roberts, Professor Roger Nation

US biopharmaceutical company licenses Monash University 'superbug' drug discovery

Monash University has granted an exclusive license of its portfolio of proprietary synthetic polymyxin antibiotics to Qpex Biopharma, a US-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new antibiotics to combat the growing threat of

In the Press 30 April, 2019
Dr Brent Neumann.

Microscopic worms could provide key to repairing injured nerves

A tiny worm’s ability to repair damaged nerves could one day help people with nerve injuries such as paralysis, according to a Journal of Neuroscience study featured in myScience, Mirage News, Get STEM and Medical Express.

In the Press 30 April, 2019
Professor Paul McMenamin and Associate Professor Michelle Lazarus.

Anatomy's future is plastic

Monash BDI's Professor Paul McMenamin and Associate Professor Michelle Lazarus were recently featured in an article in The Age, showcasing the brand-spanking new anatomy lab in our Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building.

In the Press 20 April, 2019
L-R: Michael Bullen, Dr Partha Das and Dr Pratibha Tripathi.

Study reveals factors behind embryonic stem cell state

An international collaboration led by Monash BDI's Dr Partha Das has found that two new epigenetic regulators, TAF5L and TAF6L, maintain self-renewal of embryonic stem cells. Featured on Medical Express, Brightsurf and Science Daily

In the Press 17 April, 2019
The Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building by Denton Corker Marshall.

Denton Corker Marshall completes biomedical building

The Monash BDI's new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building was recently featured on ArchitectureAU as Australia's largest biomedical teaching facility.

In the Press 4 April, 2019
Professor Michael Cowley.

Beat the bulge as you age

In an article recently published in The West Australian, Monash BDI's Department of Physiology Head, Professor Michael Cowley, said weight gain associated with middle age is not necessarily sudden, but rather an accumulation over many years.

In the Press 27 March, 2019
Associate Professor Zane Andrews.

CSIRO profiting from weight loss pill with no scientific backing

Monash BDI's Associate Professor Zane Andrews has appeared in the media recently, offering his expert opinion on the CSIRO-backed drug Metabolic C12.

In the Press 20 March, 2019
3D reconstruction of the cross-sectional view of Caenorhabditis elegans embryo showing EGL-20/WNT distribution (red, blue, green, purple).

Controlling cell behaviour – how a worm model provides a key

Monash researchers have discovered a mechanism regulating WNT - a crucial protein that controls cell behaviour. The international team, led by Monash BDI's Associate Professor Roger Pocock, have shown that an existing drug can be used to regulate

In the Press 20 March, 2019
Dr Olga Panagiotopoulou.

From Melbourne with love

Monash BDI's Dr Olga Panagiotopoulou was recently featured in Kappa magazine, leading Greek magazine from Kathimerini. The article highlighted four successful Greek women who have excelled in their fields in Australia.

In the Press 12 March, 2019