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Professor John Carroll

How industry can be the life saver for medical research

An Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering study reports that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely cause the loss of jobs for 16,000 researchers -with 7,000 being lost at universities around Australia.

In the Press 26 May, 2020
Associate Professor Max Cryle

Antibiotics biosynthesis findings a major advance in ‘superbug’ battle

New insights into antibiotics are vital in the quest to keep pace with the ever-evolving ‘superbugs’ that pose a serious threat to global public health.

In the Press 26 May, 2020
Professor Stephen Turner

COVIDSafe app vital in second-wave defence, scientist says

Using the Government’s COVIDSafe app, and quickly identifying contacts when a case of coronavirus is detected, is vital to preventing another large cluster in Australia’s aged care homes, Monash BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner

In the Press 22 May, 2020
Associate Professor Karla Hutt

Study offers hope for preserving female fertility in cancer patients and for older women

A study led by the Monash BDI has uncovered the role DNA repair plays in preserving egg quality, offering hope for women whose eggs may be damaged through treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, MedicalXpress and SCIENCEcodex reported.

In the Press 22 May, 2020
Associate Professor Irina Caminschi

New anti-malaria ‘secret ingredient’ may lead to malaria vaccine

Research co-led by Monash BDI’s Associate Professor Irina Caminschi pointing to a new “secret ingredient” towards an effective malaria vaccine was reported widely across media outlets recently.

In the Press 13 May, 2020

Monash BDI scientist features in coronavirus origins debate

Professor Stephen Turner has again been quoted as an informed expert in the controversy over how the coronavirus pandemic started.

In the Press 12 May, 2020
This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses

Monash BDI’s part in nationwide COVID-19 push

Monash BDI’s COVID-19 capabilities featured as part of a Herald Sun feature story about the collective efforts of Australian scientists to combat the virus.

In the Press 7 May, 2020

Snorkel mask may be coronavirus solution

Research by Monash BDI’s Dr Bradley Edwards’ lab adapting recreational snorkel masks to reduce COVID-19 transmission has piqued media interest.

In the Press 5 May, 2020
Professor Stephen Turner

Serology tests detect virus ‘fingerprint’

Diagnostic testing for coronavirus is ramping up across Australia, the ABC’s Radio National, News and AM show reported, but while a number of antibody tests have been approved for use they're still being evaluated.

In the Press 30 April, 2020