Executive Education

Enhance the skills of your workforce and industry with our executive education programs, short courses, or something custom-designed.

Consider Monash University, Indonesia as part of your workforce training program, either by upskilling future leaders with our executive education, or collaborating with us on tailored program to suit your workforce needs.

Our executive education short-course program can be designed together with your industry to reflect your specific needs and knowledge gaps.

  • Our current short-course pilots (delivered as they are) have been developed and tested with industry relevance in mind.
  • Current short courses can also be tailored with some adaptation of content and structure to reflect specific needs.
  • If there are specific skills gaps within your industry, you might consider co-designing a fully customized program with Monash to address the needs of your organization.

Equip yourself with the skills needed for continued success. Upskill today with an Executive Education program from Monash University, Indonesia. Our programs deliver skills and insights that can be immediately applied and gives you the competitive edge, capabilities and resilience to navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain future.

Take a deep dive with us into our cutting-edge suite of Executive Education programs that cover Business, leadership and innovation. 

Business and leadership

Great leaders model composure, communicate powerfully and build connected teams. Great businesses adapt and thrive in changing times.

Learn more, be more, change it.

Learn from world-leaders

Choosing Monash means you are part of one of the world’s leading universities. You’ll be taught by leading educators who don’t just understand the latest research and industry trends, but are often directly leading it.

Lead change

Think more creatively, make better decisions, and get ahead of the latest trends and practices.

Flexible study options

Fit your studies around your career and lifestyle. Through professional development at Monash you can upskill in a matter of days, weeks or months depending on the program. We also have a range of fully online courses so that you can learn remotely.

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