Create reading list (teaching staff)

All unit reading lists are now created and accessed via the Leganto platform as part of the Library’s Readings Service.

Teaching staff can quickly and easily create, edit and update unit reading lists.

  • Drag and drop items from the Library catalogue or websites directly into your reading list. No need to manually create and send lists to the Library for processing.
  • Lists are rolled over from the previous year, there’s no need to recreate your list each year or start from scratch if new to a unit.
  • Mark items for purchase or digitisation when building your reading list. We’ve removed the need for you to send separate emails to the Library.

See our Fact Sheet for more information about the Readings Service details.

From Monday 25 July 2022, the Library will no longer support EZproxy. This means existing EZproxy links won’t work and need to be updated to OpenAthens.

If you have any existing EZproxy links within reading lists via Leganto, no further action is required. The Library's Readings Service team will update these links for you.

If you’d like to manually update any EZproxy links you currently have in reading lists, Moodle, digital teaching materials you have created, student/staff communication channels, or in personal bookmarks you’ve saved in your browser, you can follow these instructions.

How to use

Quick start guide for teaching staff

Access guided tours and video tutorials in Leganto by clicking the “?” button in the top right.

Readings Service support

Troubleshooting and advice

The Readings Service team provides advice and assistance with using Leganto, and can troubleshoot any problems you might run into.

Rollover a reading list from 2021

We will arrange for 2021 lists to be rolled over for use in 2022. Please contact us if you need access to a list that has not yet been rolled over.

Adding collaborators

Working with a colleague or educational designer? Contact us to add them as collaborators on your list.

Optional support for first time users

To help you get started with Leganto, we can create or update a small number of resources on your list for you.

Please contact us a minimum of three weeks before teaching begins, so that we can prepare the resources before teaching starts.

Contact us

We will respond to your query during business hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm


Online: use the Library Discussion panel from within your Leganto list.