Monash Abroad Travel Grant

Monash makes it easier for you to take part in conversations, innovations and discoveries happening all over the world while you're studying. Because when you study at Monash, you're part of a global university that's creating global citizens, the leaders, thinkers and doers of tomorrow's exciting and complex world.

The Monash Abroad Travel Grant (Monash Australia) supports you in accessing a selection of programs, such as semester exchange, professional experience opportunities and select Monash-led programs available through our Global Campus network.

Additional funding

While the grant will cover you for some of your program expenses, it may not cover the whole cost. If a Monash Abroad Travel Grant is not available for your selected program or additional funding is required, other funding sources and options may be available.

It's a good idea to research all forms of funding that may be available to you, noting in some instances it is possible to hold more than one scholarship or grant at a time.


To be eligible for the Monash Abroad Travel Grant (Monash Australia) you must:

  • be enrolled as a coursework student at a Monash Australia campus; be approved by Monash Abroad to go on a non-award overseas program that is eligible for funding.

You are not eligible for a Monash Abroad Travel Grant if:

  • you are on intermission during your overseas program;
  • you are enrolled at Monash Malaysia (different funding benefits apply there, contact your local Monash Abroad office for advice on what grants are available); or
  • your overseas program counts as study towards a dual degree arrangement between Monash University and an overseas institution.

How to apply

When you apply or are approved for a program through Monash Abroad, you're automatically considered for the Monash Abroad Travel Grant (Monash Australia). If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be awarded the grant (you will be notified and invited to confirm your bank details through Monash’s secure payment system).

Please note: Monash Abroad Travel Grant amounts and funding bands are reviewed annually in August/September and may be subject to change.