Independent Study Abroad

An Independent Study Abroad program lets you pursue an overseas experience to meet your academic and professional requirements in instances where Semester Exchange is not an option.

What is Independent Study Abroad?

Independent Study Abroad (ISA) allows you to study one semester, or one year, at an overseas institution that does not have an exchange agreement with Monash.

Independent Study Abroad is only an option if you're studying a very specific degree where a tailored experience will increase your chances of getting a job in a related field, help you make industry specific connections, or connect you with specialist  international academics who can help you further your study.

How does it work?

You are required to make all of your own arrangements. Monash Abroad and your faculty can provide general advice on whether an Independent Study Abroad program might be appropriate for you, however you will not receive any program-specific assistance.

You will apply and pay tuition fees directly to the host institution or program provider. To receive credit, travel insurance and funding for your Independent Study Abroad program, your participation must be approved by both your faculty and Monash Abroad.

You will be enrolled by your faculty in Study Abroad (‘SA’) unit codes. These codes are used for approved study at non-partner institutions and ensure that you are not charged Monash tuition fees.

For all successfully completed units abroad, your grades will transfer as SFR – Satisfied Faculty Requirement. They are therefore pass or fail, you cannot transfer your actual grades to your Monash transcript.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Opportunities include the semester ACICIS programs in Indonesia where you could study International Relations at Parahyangan University or Indonesian Business Law at Indonesian Islamic University. Specific semester experiences are also possible at institutions not currently supported through an exchange agreement.

How much will it cost?

You will be responsible for all program costs including tuition to the host institution/organisation, flights, accommodation, and other travel and in-country living expenses. Costs of Independent Study Abroad programs vary greatly, depending on destination, length and type of experience.

You may be eligible for an Australian government loan, which may help to fund your overseas experience.


Eligibility requirements for Independent Study Abroad are the same as for the Semester Exchange program. Before starting your application, check the entry requirements. If you're an Engineering or Law student, or a transfer student, there are special conditions you must meet before you can apply.

How to apply

To apply for an Independent Study Abroad program, please refer to the Semester Exchange application process and the ISA application form in the Monash Abroad Portal.
The only difference in the application process for Independent Study Abroad programs is that you will be responsible for liaising and applying directly to your host institution.